Is It Obsession?

Here I go again, lol. I dont know if I am just so needy or what, but It seems to me I get so obsessed with things and people.
This dam obsession of not being able to go without human contact, or conversation, is driving me crazy. Everyone around me wishes they had myquiet life. They fail to realize the difference between quiet and isolation. Id like to see them do what I have or live the way I have and am still. They couldnt do it. With all good things there is a down side this is mine.
So the question is. Am I obsessing with all this or just striving for something better?
I like to think I am striving for more but at times when I cant get someone off my mind or something out of my head I wonder.
wodman1 wodman1
46-50, M
Jul 24, 2010