Front Row Seat

it had been a couple months since the first time my wife let a guy **** her with no condom. she had gone all the way and let him *** in her much to her, and my, pleasure.

since then she had continued to visit him on a semi-regular basis, always bringing me home a couple drops of *** in her panties and an eagerness for me to add my own *** to the load she had already taken inside her *****

this night i was coming along and we were going have a *********. the first one we've had in a pretty long time. and it promised to be a significantly easier feat considering we wouldnt have to worry about putting a condom on to **** and then take it off when we switched so we could get head and get a new condom when we switched back (which was always the way we did it in the past)

the evening went pretty much as planned, a little while of her ******* me, a little while of her ******* him, a little while of us tag teaming her, so on and so forth. as the night went on, i spent a little less time as part of the action and a little more time just watching.

she had taken a few pics during her previous encounters, so i had seen what her ***** looked like with his **** in her, but watching his bare **** sliding in and out of her ***** only a couple feet away was one of the most amazing things i had ever seen.

after one more good round of tag team action, my wife was in desperate need of a break, and it looked like we were going to be done for the night. the other guy went to the bathroom to clean himself up some since he thought the action was over.

i leaned over to my still naked wife and told her "no. he needs to ***. and we arent leaving until he does"

she knew i meant that and as soon as he got back in the room, she went straight for his ****. i big surprise for him considering he thought we were done.

she then moved into one of his favorite positions to speed things along, reverse cowgirl. this also just happened to give me a straight on view of his **** pounding away at her *****.

knowing he was getting close, my wife spread her legs as far as she could and leaned back, giving me the most unobstructed view possible as his **** started pulsing. she slammed herself down on his **** a few more times and then held it as deep as she could get it until he stopped.

she then put her hands behind her onto his chest and as slowly as she could lifted herself off of his ****. i was in heaven watching his wet shiny **** slowly sliding out of her, and then i nearly passed out as the head of his **** popped free and i witnessed for the first time as another man's *** came dripping out of my wife's *****.

he ran out of the room to clean himself up and get her a towel, and i just couldnt help but move up quickly and start rubbing her freshly ******, *** soaked *****. slipping 2 fingers into her ***** had me light headed to the point i thought i would fall over.

all i could do was moan softly at how her ***** felt with all that fresh *** in it. then i told her as simply as i could "i need to **** you. now!"

she snatched up her panties and got dressed faster than i have ever seen her, we told the guy goodbye and we were in the car in less than 2 minutes

those few miles from his house to ours seemed like a 5 hour drive knowing that her *** filled ***** was right next to me.

when we made it home i ****** her the hardest i possibly could with both of us screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear as i finally came
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Nice..... Nothing better than watching your wife get ****** by a big **** and seeing him shoot a big load of *** in her. My wife and I especially like her to do it reverse cowgirl so I can see everything, plus suck her **** and lick his **** as they ****. I can feel his **** pulsing against my tongue as he shoots off in my wife's *****. When they are done I like to suck her cummy ***** and then slide my **** in her loose, slick **** and **** her until we *** together. Feeling another man's *** coating my **** and my wife's ***** as we **** makes me insanely hot and I usually *** quickly and explosively. Having her moan "Honey, **** me in his ***!" doesn't hurt either.

Mnnn, nice! :)

Very Nice! Sounds like us!

Nice and so wet. If you read our own stories, you will see that Tina loves to make love without condoms and that until very recently she was unprotected. Why this big rush to clean after fillin her up as there is nothing healthier than ***** (except if one has a disease of course) ?
Wouls love your comments on our stories but if you wish start (and lift) swimmers'competition, our very first experience.