Stupid Elevator

I went to my friends and her building the elevator was out of order so I had to climb the stairs to the third floor. Haven't had to climb stairs in a long while. I had to sit on the steps at each floor just to catch my breath and when I got to her apartment I was sweaty and felt like I could just fall over dead. A few extra hundred pounds really makes a difference. At her place I ate a ton. I felt tired and hungry from the work out. Eating a ton did not help make it back down the stairs. She helped me but carrying 520 pounds on my body up and down stairs especially when I have been stuffing my face is not easy. My belly kept trying to pull me down the stairs. On the way back to my place I stopped at mcdonalds and kfc for 2 burgers 4 milkshakes 5 large fries and a bucket of chicken
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Hope elevators will not be out of order anymore!

Please message me you sound awesome

Poor girl. Stairs are cruel terrible things. They're just not made for such heavyset people. But, atleast you got a bice meal out of it. Hopefully all that food was enough to make sweating in those awful stairs worthwhile.

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I'm sorry that someone like you had to climb those damn stairs. Hopefully you won't have to climb more any time soon, but I'm glad to see you replenished those calories you lost! Don't want you to lose any weight!

It only gets harder as you get bigger...working out and getting stronger muscles will help as you gain lots of weight. If you had legs strong enough to support your weight, you could get huge and still be able to get around well.

I'm just starting to gain and I hate the stairs and trying to get up them

wow Belly you made it to 520 in a short time! I would love to have watched you climb those stairs and even help you do it! Good activity for fat jiggling :) At least your friend could feed you up good before you had to go back down the stairs. I know in spite of any hardships you are still immensely enjoying your fat, just as we are hearing about your experiences. Keep writing :) love ya ! hapi :)

OMG! I so relate to your story honey. I can hardly walk more than 10 or 15 feet before I have to stop, catch my breath and let my legs rest a bit. It takes me forever to get to a store when I have to walk across the parking lot. I am huffing and puffing all of the time. If I were you, I would be inviting your friend to your home instead of climbing those stairs!

That's a wonderful idea! :)

The eating and weight is awesome, taking the stairs has got to suck! Eat a ton! Have some fun!

is your friend a big girl too? your belly must have been happy to get those treats afterward.

That would be cool if she was. Having fat friends rocks!

Wow you weigh 520lbs? That is really impressive and I hope I can get to your level sometime. Sucks about the stairs though but good that you got a re-fill ;)

May you achieve this weight soon! :)