Let me just give you a little preview...In my house there are 15 steps leading down to the landing by the front door and another 6 to the basement comeing off the original 15...Well, my room is in the basement so I travel these steps everyday.

Now when you weight 370 pounds your walk has already changed to a waddle when you're on the short side, just as mine has...You can't move very fast at all and you jiggle excessively with every step.

Now add the stairs!

Oh my plight when I struggle to step onto only one step without falling.You see, I can't past my wide girth, meaning the stairs have practically become invisible to me except for what 4 steps ahead of me...Add in the fact that I was never active and you have s truggle on the stairs!

Often times I stop by the door and sit in a chair we have there so catch my breath!

Then I try to get up the other stairs and I usually have to stop because its just too much...I hope this changes one day soon though...

I find it funny, though I don't know why...but I want to change it...
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4 Responses May 21, 2012

Yeah I find stairs fun<br />
I like doing this side step thing up them lol<br />
:p so different

That's gotta be sooo rough...I hate going up stairs and I'm only 220. It hurts my knees.

Stairs are stupid and tedious..Why can't it be illegal to have a building talled than one story??

or illegal to have too many stairs? I'd much rather have a ride in an elevator than haul my fat *** up a bunch of stairs!

Aww, I'm sorry you have so many stairs to climb .

its ok

I'll support you, Love. Don't worry. My Princess will change it!

Love you Bubba!!

Love you too.

Awwww...isn't that sweet! :P