Stairs Aren't My Friend

I first started having problems with stairs quite a while ago when I was pregnant being being bigger and then having a big baby belly took its toll. I found myself avoiding places with stairs and started taking the elevator more. It became sort of a habit for several years while Jen was still in a stroller and unable to navigate steps herself by the time she was walking and I decided to try to take the steps one day I thought I was going to pass out as I had gotten so out of shape I couldn't get to the second floor without getting winded. Since then I am pretty much an elevator or escalator gal lol guess that is just going to make me more out of shape.
dianess dianess
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How are you doing now, dianess?

Doing well. How are you?

Happy and even more out of shape! Lol. Eating well too?

Usually do lol

I understand you very well, I can't climb stairs with more than 3 steps myself. But elevators and escalators are really good inventions and so we should use them :-)

Stairs are the enemy of fat people everywhere XD

I like elevator gals ;)

I'm like that too...just walking winds me sometimes.

It is a somewhat naughty feeling yes. To be reminded of just how out of shape I am lol

Round is a shape...

I feel the same way, dianess!

I love how I'm always gasping for air from climbing a flight of makes me feel so sexy and naughty that being such a heavy smoker my whole life has ruined my lungs like that. I love cigarettes :)

Mmmmm.....nice! Keep on trashing them!! :-)

I think it's really hot to see a girl willfully ruining her lungs and packing them ever fuller of tar and other really bad ****.

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horny ?