Fatty On Stairs

Stairs are most definitely not my friend at over 500 lbs you can probably imagine why. 
I struggle with walking short distances let alone climbing stairs but I still like the challenge of them every now and again. 
Each time I do a flight of stairs it becomes increasingly difficult. I can only do stairs that have a sturdy handrail and I have got so heavy that they are only achievable by doing the one at a time stair walk - that's when you know your truly fat. 
Half way up the flight of stairs I have to stop and try and catch my breathe. The site of my huge body struggling to climbing stairs attracts a lot of attention.  As I puff and pant my way to the top, wobbling and struggling one by one I feel i will never reach the last stair. When I finally get to the top  I'm hot and completely out of breath and need to sit or lean against a wall to compose myself and catch my breath.  I get the looks of hell how big & slow is she trying to get up those stairs & wow she can't breath after climbing a couple of stairs look how winded she is. But I like to give people something different to talk about :-)
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If I saw you waddling up the stairs...I'd think about how hot that is and how sexy you are! :)

That is so hot! I wish I were there to rub your fat, give you some water and, afterwards, feed you! You need to replace the lost calories, after all! ;-)

I hear you I get out of breath turning over in bed.

You sound like you to get a stair climber to do the work for you ;).

I notice I can’t take stairs as I think I can. I’m 20 and stairs are not like my friend. Too much tummy and thighs I guess.

Never too much tummy and thighs sweetie.

So true!

Thighs and tummy re fatter the better... Totally agree never seen a girl that's too big yet!


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I Love to watch a big lady struggle to climb stairs it's not everyone that finds stairs such a challenge that's why when I see a bigger lady struggling to climb or step down stairs I watch in awe x

Is it fun to be 500lbs?

Yes it's a lot of fun .... But it can also be extremely challenging at times .. But I love my fatness so much it's worth it :-)

It'd be soooo worth it! :) ( . )

I'm sure you make for an excellent topic of conversation. :)
It's nice that you're not afraid to show off your size.
Hopefully you rewarded your efforts with a nice meal later.

too fat for stair is better in my eyes ;)