Heard Mom And Boyfriend Having Sex

When I was about 12 years old we lived in a two story house and my Mom would sleep in the bedroom upstairs. One night her boyfriend Joe came over late that night and went upstairs with her and they started having rough sex. I was downstairs and could hear the pounding up against the wall and the moaning and screaming of my Mom. Joe was f**king her so hard and my Mom was counting how long the ***** was sliding in her vagina and she was moaning and screaming **** me Joe! She couldn't stop screaming and Joe kept saying "I am going to **** you so hard and the pounding against the wall got even louder.

Well I guess that wasn't enough for my Mom because she started f**king my friend Steve who is 19 now, but was 17 at the time. He sent me pictures and video of them having sex in the shower, bed, car, and kitchen counter!

Does this make my Mom a ****?
WallE505 WallE505
18-21, M
Jul 18, 2010