I used to smoke weed . Before and it trigger it even tho i dont feel it i still get one wen im with too much people , crowded places , stores , road trips , cars , and even at home ,
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Im with u ! The same situation . The doctor well . Maybe u should first . Then if the doctor doesnt tell u nothing that theres no cure then your gonna have to deal with them for the rest of your life , i know thats scary and horrible , but just relax , and do something u like , u know i used to smoke weed too , it triggered it too . But u know the best thing is just relax message me . If u wanna talk more .

You're likely getting these because your so unhappy with the rest of your life. You're not seeing the cause through the symptoms. The panic attacks are a symptom of all that's wrong.

Then should i go see a doctor then ?