Spanked By Brother

I am the youngest of 9 siblings,my eldest brother is 14yrs older than me.When i was around 9yrs old my parents went away to a wedding in another state leaving my elder brother in charge of me & another brother who was a year older.My parents were big into spanking many times i had been over my fathers knee & had had my bare bottom spanked with a belt,it was rare my mother spanked us but when she did she did it in the same way but with her hairbrush. when they went away they gave mt brother permission to spank us if we needed it.A day into them being away my brother & i had a fight where i hit him over the head with a plankof wood,my elder brother saw this & came marching out to the yard undoing the belt he had around his jeans,i could hear him shouting 'Kate you're gonna get your butt whipped girl',i thought it was an idle threat cos up to that point only my parents had ever spanked me.He grabbed my arm pulled down my jeans & pants & put me across his knee,he whacked me about 20 times with that belt & i was sobbing & begging him to stop,when he did stop my bottom was so sore it really was uncomfortable to sit down,all of this went on while my other brother was watching.When my parents came home he told them what had happened & i got another bare butt spanking from my this day though the spanking i got from my brother remains the the worse one i ever got.
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wow seems like you kids saw a lot of bare *****. I only saw my little sister once before puberty !!!!

did you feel his erection? was he hard? did your ***** get wet? did you love it ? oh this is so hot

Printpants,i certainly did,lol. i was'nt a good kid by any means if there was trouble to be had i found it.x

Seems like you brought a lot of the spankings on from your bad behavior ;)

Well Kate, if nothing else you have certainly learned the good of strict discipline, haven't you?

Oh man yeah many times my oldest bro Ty has spanked me,he has had permission to disipline me since the day i was born. haha i have bit my brother too and left scars, also kicked in between the legs scratched in the face and allot of other stuff. It is tuff being the younger kids in the family.

i love playing tricks like you, Lexi and my brothers have permission to spank me as my parents are always away. i will post the story of my worst on later. i was sooo scared when this happened!!

Fav types of attacks: Scratch on arm, leg, face and left a scar on his stomach, Bite his fingers, leg, hand and even left a scar on his shoulder. tuff being youngest is 1 word to descibe it!

this is a big punish man!!!

He was getting me back cos about 2yrs previous i bit him on his hand really hard when he was trying to help my dad get me off the floor when i was going to get spanked.I made it bleed & he still has the scar today!