I Helped Him Fasten His Costume...

He is a strange young man... Very energetic and outgoing when he wants to be, very sexy in an annoying way. I used to hang out with him after work sometimes. We'd finish at the same time, and because we both had a bus to wait for, we'd take turns walking eachother to the other one's bus stop. One day we even had a drink together, and spent a little extra time with one another that afternoon. I didn't want him to leave straight away, as I was pretty keen on him and thought maybe he was sort of keen on me, too , so I figured throwing in a few hints about the matter would be an okay idea. Even a 'good' idea... therefore, I happily went about doing so, and even though nothing "special" came out of doing that, things were still cool afterwards... but sadly, that was only for a little while.

Somewhat suddenly, and out of nowhere, the heat between us disappeared (even on the friends side of things), and I wasn't really sure why. I didn't get to walk with him after work anymore, and we didn't talk AS much. We still got along, though. I'd shake his hand in greeting and we'd have our fun at work when we got the chance - talking, laughing, playing... Unfortunately, though, that gradually slipped away aswell, but I didn't take it too seriously at first. I passed it off as a "bad day" or even a misinterpretation on my behalf. Eventually I worked out that we weren't actually friends anymore. I couldn't muck around with him in his department, I couldn't sit with him in the staffroom, I couldn't even shake his hand anymore. It hurt, and it confused me plenty. We'd still say "Hi" and we wouldn't argue, but then it got to the stage where he would just act like a complete jerk towards me.

I noticed it was really only me he seemed to pick on, and it pissed me off and upset me dearly, yet I'd still be so sweet and kind to him. That didn't help the matter or make any difference, and eventually I ended up losing it at him! Working with him that day was a nightmare, but I must admit I kind of enjoyed it in a silly way. I got to a point with him where he pissed me off so much that I figured he wasn't even worth saying hello to, and as horrible as that sounds, and as bad and wrong as I felt about doing it... I actually did it! Not only would I not say hi to him, I'd also completely turn my head in such and obvious way, every time we'd cross paths.

I know he knew what was going on, and I even felt bad about it, despite the way he'd treated me, but I kept it up... well, for a few days! You see, recently, we were allowed to dress up in fancy costumes at work, and it was just really exciting and we were all on a bit of a high, and I didn't want to bring the mood down in any way, so I smiled at him and made gentle coversation, which was all going okay, but it wasn't as though we had become friends again, or even started getting along, it was merely a way of going about getting into the spirit of things and helping make it nice, lively day where everyone was just having fun and keeping it cool. At one stage, he, a mate of mine and I were standing around talking about how the day was going, and trying on eachother's costumes, and it was all good... then my phone rang. I answered it and talked to the caller for a small amount of time before I hung up, but within that time my mate had gone to help someone, and I was left with "the guy", whom at this stage was putting his costume back on. I didn't notice, but he was having a bit of trouble, as this particular costume 'did up' at the back. He surprisingly asked for MY help, and of course, I happily fastened it for him. He thanked me, in his awkward manner and then he left, and I ended up having to help him again with the same things a bit later on. It was interesting, and as annoyed at myself as I was, I kinda enjoyed doing it for him. I wanted us to be friends, or at least get along and be able to have a decent conversation without going through any crap!

Sadly, later on in the day, he did something $hitty. It wasn't an awful or cruel, hearbreaking action, it was simply 'him'-like strange rudeness. I was rather deflated, and I felt sad and stuck as it felt like there was absolutely nothing I could do to bring any sort of good relationship with him back to life. I also got angry at the factful thought that he would only do something like this to me, or someone he really, really hates. I was annoyed at the fact that I'd helped him with his costume for nothing, and to him I was probably just a useful hand. I nearly cried when I thought deeply into it, and again recognised the fact that the chocolate-sharing, drink-getting, bus stop-escorting days with him are over. Forever! :'(
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Aww Tech Decks=) ... But yeah, I know this sort of thing isn't exactly uncommon, but it certainly is strange! Geez, you'd think they'd have a kinder way of showing you how much they appreciate your feelings for them! Or at least be able to handle the situation better. It's a fairly common thing to happen at school. 'My one' is 18! Hehe cheers for your wise words... I will try my very best to follow your advice and get the fu(k on with it! I really do have important and more amazing things to be doing/worrying about!<br />
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POLLY! Games do suck... these kind of games. Life is surprisingly full of them, though! Even when people know exactly what's going, they still play games with one another. One day I was having cake and drinks at a Cafe with Dex and Shogs, and the lady who'd served us obviously thought we'd run off without paying the bill lol, when all we'd done was moved to a different table in order to avoid being rained on. The lady couldn't see that particular table from inside, so she casually strutted her way outside and stated "Oh, it's raining" and then she started singing "It's raining, it's pouring..." when really it was just a way of making it seem as though she just came outside for no particular reason and became aware of the fact that it was raining, rather than what was really going on... but we knew what she was thinking and she knew it was obvious... but people continue with their games. Well, I suppose she couldn't really have just come outside and said "Oh, I thought you bogans had run off without paying the bill, so I just came outside to check!" Hahaha, GAMES= Weird!

haha uh yeah I was in a similar situation back in 7th grade, thats why I figured he was immature and didnt know how to handle having someone he works with like him like that.<br />
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My experience was a bit different in the sense I was 13 and in school but its the exact same thing. I basically told the guy I liked him, he was awesome before I told him and a total jerk after. I still tried to be friends with him, helped him with his homework, we played with out tech deck together, or whatever those mini skateboards were called, behind closed doors nice guy, in front of everyone else complete douche. I don't remember what happened in 8th grade, I switch schools in high school and had bigger fish to deal with. <br />
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Its a guy thing. They can be so immature and stupid push the guy aside and try and find someone with more then 1/4th of a brain.

Heya :)<br />
Thankyou for your comment!<br />
I think you're right. I should really try my best not to care so much, or at least not to show it! I have a bad habit of not being able to let go and get on with things, but I agree with you totally. So, you've been in a similar situation? It's a shame that some people act in a certain manner when it is really unnecessary to do so. Ahh life is full of games!

I think you had every reason to feel hurt. From reading this story all I can gather is that hes an immature ***** who doesn't know how to handle the fact that a woman he works with likes him. It seems that he makes it personal because it is.<br />
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There is this wonderful trick Ive picked up on and that is if you act as if you dont give a ****, usually when you stop caring they start to care. the faster you get over this the better everything will be.