Just Cant Take It Anymore

Its not from time to time its ALL the time and I HATE it!
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4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

thats what im trying to do, ive been on youtube a lot watching husky videos and hanging out with my pets. i was happy from about 7am til 1pm today after 1 I started getting anxious and paranoid. Part of me wants Sean to do something drastic to show me that he really did love me and care about me but I know it wont happen and yet I still have some kind of hope.<br />
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I'll probably relaps a few more times before im totally okay, it sucks but thats life.

Oh, I'm so sorry, dear. I completely understand. Just try to laugh, a lot! It's the cheapest and most effective therapy I know of. If that fails, feel welcome to shoot me a line, and we can chat. <br />
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Best wishes, my friend! It'll get better, I promise.

I was officially dumped, by my ex's girlfriend of all people, about 4 days ago and my 9 year old cat who should of lived to at least 20 died 3 weeks ago, other then that im fine.<br />
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Im getting through it, its been a weird 3 weeks but it seems like its finally coming to an end.<br />
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How long were you and your ex together for? How long has the co worker been terminally ill? what kind of dog do you have?

I am quite a bit older than you and I am on a roll right now with emotions. I was dumped about 2 months ago and was very much in love with the guy that dumped me.<br />
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On top of that, I am working with a co-worker who is terminally ill and my dog bit my neighbor today so talk about being emotional...I am on overload.<br />
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Sometimes, life just gets to you. Be good to yourself and try not to be too hard on yourself.<br />
Good luck.