My Friend Ignores Me

i have a best friend.he has some other friends too.i love him more than anyone in the class.he was quite friendly with me but for a week he is getting away from me..i don't know the correct reason but i can tell some possibilities.two weeks ago we had exams. he studied with me during all the exams.i have my own weak subjects and he also has his own.i would teach him the topics i know and he would rarely teach me back.we were the most hard working students in my class.other students would come to him to clear doubts and they got a feeling that he is ignoring them.they told this to me and i got a small feeling that he is little bit selfish.just as the same way he came to me to study and he asked me to teach it.i don't want my friend to be selfish so i asked him that why he is not teaching me the subjects in which i am weak.he replied that he don't know about the topics.i told that our other peers are not happy with his attitude.he didn't replied anything.

After the exams, we had a short vacation for about ten friends kept on saying that he is selfish.i also understood that he is selfish.when we met after the vacation he was not so friendly as that in earlier days.he is now spending time with other friends and rarely speaks to me.sometimes he stares at me when sometimes i am in some other jobs.simply he is IGNORING MEEEEE...........the most painful was he started back stabbing me..I don't know what wrong i have done but i want my friend back.what should i do??
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Jan 23, 2013