Get Over It...

but at the time it really baffles me. A sudden end in communication is so immature and hurtful. Even if you are busy just take a lousy second to say."talk to ya later". If you are mad just say."I am mad and need time away." Value the friendship enough to be straight with the person. I used to be best friends with this girl Jane. We had known each other since 5th grade, On a couple of incidents we'd be hanging out with mutual friends. Something pissed her off that I said and she gave me the silent treatment and started avoiding me. A mutual friend of ours mentioned one day that she said all these things to her about me. Venting to HER what upset her. Eventually she talked to me and we made up. I forgave her right away and said I didn't mean to hurt her. I told her if she is ever upset I can take it and let me now. That was the first time. After a few more episodes like this we just stopped contact. We are on good terms,just not involved in each others' lives anymore. The drama was just too exhausting for me.

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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

ive had this recently mate so know exactly how you feel. Basic story is i formed a band a couple of yrs ago in 6th form and unfortunately the singer and drummer and bass pla<x>yer left on bad terms and have been left with my rhyhtm guitarist who we have always gotten on but he used his mate whos a bass pla<x>yer as an excuse to get her in the band. And are completely preventing me from doing anything now. For example his songs will always get favoured and mine chucked knowing if i say anything they will deliberately team up and have ago at me making me the bad guy. I have recently tried talking to them about this and some other things they have been doing and now i just get completly ignored by them

I know how you feel exactly.. I have gone through things like this most of my life.. You find someone and consider them a friend and then for no reason they either disappear or just stop talking to you..

I am not going to ignore you! I am a guy but I try to be sweet...DD