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I fall into the 18-21yr old group, so I'm in college. My friend Melissa is getting married. Well everyone is now all of a sudden talking to her. (When I say everyone I mean my high school group of friends.) When I try to talk to them it just seems like they don't want anything to do with me. =[ I always brush the hurt feeling that I experience off but I can't anymore!! I feel so unwanted and now I'm crying!!!...ughhh I just want to feel accepted. I probably sound like I have no friends at all and I know that's not the case, but it's so hard to be the only one in a group you've been with for 4 yrs and be outcasted. What I mean by this is they do things together and don't even think to invite me. Sometimes I feel like it's because I don't try to talk to them, so I descided to try to say something to them. Two weeks ago I sent Sarah a comment asking he about how she's been doing. She hasn't commented me, I've realized that no matter what I say to her ever since we graduated I never get a response, but she keeps commenting Melissa about how much she misses her and needs to see her again. I noticed Britt who's also in the group commented Sarah about hanging out, but Sarah didn't log into myspace yet to see this message, so I'm going to wait and find out if Sarah messages Britt back. What do I do if she does? I seriously am at the end of my ropes. I know I should just leave them behind, but it's hard when you've done nothing wrong to them and they just can't accept you.

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People change so much after high school, dont worry too much about a relationship with any of them. I only keep in contact with about 6 people out of a class of almost 300. If you dont know who youre true friends are by now, you should just burn bridges and find new friends. Of course thats incredibly difficult, but you will be so much happier as a result.

*huggles*<br />
I have been in a similar situation before... often being depressed can make you act weird, which makes people avoid you, worsening your depression.<br />
What breaks the cycle is finding some one who will just hold you. they don't have to say anything, just let you cry on them until you feel better.