Not About Style

its not about fashion style cause this is something teenagers would judge and get irritated i mean the people with "fake" personalities.altho it means they havent changed since highschool's "being cool and popular means doing wtv everybody is doing but louder".

you know those obnoxious people,very loud,self-centered, always dressed trendy,have animals they dont care about...those actual freaks for attention and approval,they think its only weak people who gets depression...

anyways i get irritated because their masks are see-through to me and the people hidden behind them, have blinded themselves with a monstrous illusion of greatness. they believe the lies they have told themselves all their lives, to be able to stand,confident and social in crowds,horrified of being rejected by the majority or mocked for being different.
to me,these are the people that judge,unite to mock,decide whats "in" and whats "out"they drain my joy
Veevie86 Veevie86
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 4, 2011

Yeah they are like anoying flies that buzz around you. Avoidance where you can I think. <br />
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