By Men I'm Not Even Interested In, And Everyone Else

I really don't know if it's me, or if it's one of those things in life everyone goes through. But more often than not but people (immature men mostly) will call out the fact that I am disgusting. It happens at the beach and the boardwalk a lot. They say I'm anorexic, that I'm disgusting, that I should eat something. I wonder what they are seeing because before I go out, I look pretty normal in the mirror. I am by no means skinny enough for people to call me anorexic. I just don't get it. This even happens at my school too. And I go to college! You'd think people would grow up by then and keep their opinions to themselves. /sigh. That's America I guess.

It's not just random people either. My boyfriend's friends hate me. I haven't even had a conversation with any of them before, and my boyfriend isn't the type to talk badly about me. So it is beyond me why any of them would hate me, and it affects my relationship with him. They have no grounds to hate me. I let him do whatever he wants, I don't call him or text him ever, I give him at least two days of no communication so he has his space. His friends still say that I "ruin" him. I've tried to be nice to them too, nothing works. Whatever- I honestly don't care about THEM particularly, my point is...what is wrong with ME?

My family even rejects me. My dad's brother forgets about the fact that I exist. My cousin is mad at me for reasons unknown. My grandparents love my cousins, but they think that I am just after their money or something. Even when I was a little kid, they favored my cousins so it's nothing I did, and it's not the way I act. 

Girls hate me too, but that's a whole different ballgame. Girls hate everyone. 

People just constantly hate on me and it hurts. 

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4 Responses May 28, 2012

I can identify with your story I feel the same way. I feel a lot of people dislike me for no apparent reason too.

Thanks :)

dont pay any attn to the stupid morons. I think your a cutie pie, I dont know where their getting their "info" from. Your fine to me, I would be proud to have you to call my own.

dont mind them you why because you find a way to support yourself and you really hit that mark because you can do it with out a glitch and i think its a cool thing to do...