I Just Wish For Once A Guy Would Be Everything I Want

I get sick of being rejected by men, friends, and work, etc

it would be nice to have a guy for once do and say the right things I want to hear and be everything I have looked for in a man...

be gentle and hold my hand, and not bully me,  not sexually dominate, or ignore

it seems I meet men who act at extremes and I want to meet men who are flesh and blood guys who have hearts

and are gentlemen... a lawyer, a barrister or a doctor, etc a I really don't care if he is a athlete, model, teacher, or gyno

or enviro scientific barrister .... I just want a nice cute guy who is clever and who wants to help me be who I want to be

help me study, work part time and achieve,

I want a guy who puts my feelings first, and fulfils my emotional and physical needs.  I have never had them met yet

I want a guy who will want children and a lovely home... and a great lifestyle...

I am sick from being left behind, and abused by men.... I want to see other women being abused and have guys throw things at them

and see how they like it when that is the only attention they get from guys ... and old men at them... see how they like it.

I want to be allowed to live my life irrelevant of who I love ... I should not have to give up everything of myself and career dreams to be loved by YOU!

I want a guy who can afford to give me massage beauty hair treatments and take me out now and then... and on holidays

I want to own property and businesses.

I want life rather than a stand still non - existence...

I want a guy who wants me to be who I want to be and stop forcing me to be someone I do not want to be....

I do not want to be a prostitute... I do not want to be a **** star or a drug addict...

I want a professional career... and look a pretty lady... I want to be a lady and I want a man who will defend my honor and not abuse me

I never wanted to be raped by a married man ... that was never an ambition of mine.  I never wanted to have a stroke or heart attack...

I never wanted an old man like Bill molesting me... I never wanted guys abusing me.  I never wanted to be ignored by young guys

I actually do remember a time when guys were normal and acted normal...

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2 Responses May 28, 2012

me me me....

so self centered you are .

I want a guy who will understand that Bills death (or murder) and the abuse has reason to be an upsetting issue for me... what William and Joyce did to me and all those evil nasty people who abused me as a little girl ... it is a legitimate reason to feel pain... and hurt... Joyce Poorter made out it was all rubbish ... that I should not be hurt over Werners suicide.... she never once listened that I actually loved that man.... so very very much... she tried to convince me men would never treat me right and only old ugly men would want me and I was only good for prostitution and not a law degree... she led me to believe Werner never loved me... and I know none of what she was trying to put in my head was true... <br />
<br />
the problem in my life was always joyce, bugsy and don.. and a few others who were evil people ....<br />
<br />
I want these people to learn how to have no emotions at all and be personality de-constructed... seeing joyce never allowed me one real emotion of my own.... she deserves it back at her to teach her a lessons.