Victim of Vicious Slander

 Each morning I have to prepare for what the onset of the dawn will

bring. Will person who was friendly to me merely yesterday suddenly

become terse? Will their eyebrows narrow when I smile the same smile

I dislayed only wee hours before? If I had done half of the unspeakable

horror I was/am accused of, surely I'd depise my very being as well.

But it's my innocence that bleeds from my soul and not the blood of

a monster.  Thanks for giving me your time.

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4 Responses Apr 18, 2009

And I am a pacifist. They have nothing to fear from me.<br />
I truly live a artistic, spiritually inclined life.. too calm for such chaos, and revenge. The Lord above handles <br />
those things and His wisdom makes certain that they will<br />
feel more pain and suffering than they have ever distributed to me.

They are deemed law abiding. When I was hospitalized for having a seizure, I witnessed illegal activities there. The main perpetrator is a member of the DEA and her mother shared a room with me. Many doctors, nurses and orderlies were involved with drug smuggling. Because I was in that hospital room and witnessed these things, they threatened me that if I didn't join them, they would slander me. That DEA agent said that she'd <br />
tell everybody ,everywhere that I hurt children. She wanted me to be a dealer. Because I am law abiding, and even though I was threatened with gang rape, I did not concede I begged for an early discharge instead. While there, in that God forsaken room, they pulled I.Vs from my flesh and called me numerous names. She has a badge and has privy to my whereabouts. Her vile and sick lies have plagued me for about two years.

Wow, I feel the exact same way. Disappointment has become a way of life for me.

Who is this person? And why are they being so mean to you?? Thats cruel, and whoever it is needs to wake up and smell the coffee, they are being really rude to you...