Replaying the Memories

My problem is, I don't get out nearly enough, so when the fun's all over, I get kind of down knowing I probably won't do anything like that again in a fair while... which really does suck.

It makes me bitter of others as well. Because I think that they probably have plenty of opportunities to go out and do things, and many of them take it for granted.

The reason I don't get out much is simple. I don't have many close friends, so I spend most of my time relying on the few to invite me to things, which is beyond sad. I wouldn't be confident enough to go out on my own either.

After the fun times are over, I think I replay them in my mind over and over to the point where it's a little pathetic. I think about other people and doubt they hold the memories quite so dear.

It doesn't help either that sometimes when I go out with my 'best friend' or go to something at her house, she ruins it by trying to suck me into her petty problems (problems she creates from, what seems like boredom a lot of the time), and I go home disappointed that after finally doing something again, it has ended up being so unsatisfying.

New friends are probably the answer, but it's hard.

FateCantDecide FateCantDecide
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1 Response Mar 10, 2009

you might have heard "fake it to you make it?" if u smile regardless of mood it will send positive energy around ur being. that my 1st tip. 2nd tip: on large piece of cardboard put down ur wishes desires and be real specific and sign and date it have a time fr<x>ame for when u want theses things 2 happen by realistic wif all info. look at this every day. it worked 4 me and other people who told me about it and those I told.luv in all directons from mushabutty