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i am frightend and anxious every single night i panic i take kalms as i dont want to go back on anti depressants i cant talk to no one even my doctor as they dont seem intrested and take me seriously this is a living nitemare xx

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I wonder if this a medical imbalance of some sort? I feel like someone is always watching me. I get scared being alone all the time. I have been stalked many times so I don't know if this has something to do with it maybe but I'm always scared. I could never live alone.

After reading these i really had to post mine and im glad im not alone im 19 yrs old and i have a little boy and i am also scared of everything when im home alone i sit on my couch the whole time till my parents get home because iam scared that someone is outside watching me and i feel if i stay in one spot they will leave or something i am scared to sleep until they come home and its very uncomfortable i looked up all kinds of things to see if it is some sort of disorder like paranoia and if theres anything that can fix it because im dont want to be scared when i get my own house and i have to be a strong person for my son and its hard to do when im always scared someone is going to break in. I cant even get in the shower because im scared someone is going to come in and kill me or something does anyone know what this could be and if ill ever be able to be comfortable in my OWN home?

I'm the same - I can't go downstairs and be near the windows because I feel like someone is standing out there..<br />
Whenever I'm home alone I get so scared that I can't sleep and my heart races like crazy. For the most part, I know it's just my imagination running wild but part of me believes that there's someone in my house just waiting until I fall asleep ... it's embarrassing because people think you're being silly but get so frightened I'm in tears and I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack because my heart is racing so fast!<br />
I've never been on anti-depressants so that wouldn't be the cause for me .. I think I just have bad anxiety about bad things happening.. maybe you're the same, and it's a recent development? I was never this bad until I moved to where I am now..and I'm also afraid of the dark! I know it's ridiculous because I'm definitely too old for that, but I can't help it!<br />
Hopefully you find a way to deal with this, but yeah, it is nice to know that other people feel the same way!

thanks kindal for your your comment, strangely enough it actually helps when you get a reply as you dont feel so alone and there are other people who understand who have gone or are going through it, i have no idea what has caused this! in fact i feel embarrassed to tell anyone! i do think it could be a side effect of comeing off anti depressants, i realised they not do any good only harm so i just stopped , have done a cold turkey shakes pulpitations etc but over that now! ridiculous that anitdepressants can cause this!! so just gota see this through,i dont like going in the kitchen as i start to imagine someones face at the window and then i get worse! the kalms help and sleep medicine ! i am a wallybean!!! does anyone know how long this lasts for? xxx