Last week I was ****** by 4 Big Black guys. They were all brothers. They put me in all different kinds of position. I was in total control of these Black men. I made them *** so fast and they never seen a woman squirt before. I squirted on all of them. They had their dicks in all my holes. Both my holes was filled with ***. They never had An Asian women this freaky before. That's not my first time with these brothers either. Another thing is that I'm married and my husband don't mind me ******* black men. Im so lucky! I'm always soaking wet when I think about all their dicks in my face! DAMN 10-12 inch black dicks are the best!
beckieh32 beckieh32
36-40, F
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Please add me.

Please add me.

You sound a lot like my wife. Doing black men a lot makes her into a better person and a lot more fun.

damn, glad you had a great time!

will you add us please. we share MANY things in common.

Yes he remains faithful to me. He's a really busy husband. It's such a turn on to see his face when I tell him bout all the different black men I've been with. Our sex life has been fantastic!

When my wife was getting ****** by another man, I was so hot for her that I expended all my sexual energy on her when she returned to me. Be so sexually exhausted, I had no energy left for other women. That was the reason I remained faithful to her.

Not sure if he is or not. He does however enjoys me after I've been used up by the brothers! He has never seen me in action. I'm still trying to find the right guy or guys that will do me in front of him.