That Involentary Squeek Of Joy

I was doing some grocery shopping on my way home from work. (I had been working hard, I was quite dirty and had been sweating all day.) I stopped to get some cheese, tim one I wanted was on the bottom shelf. (do please bear with me) I slowly crouched down with my tired and aching legs. Then I heard that distinctive click click of heels. I looked to my right as they came round the corner of the aisle. She walked behind me, right up to my left side then crouched down to get some cheese. Those shoes were fabulous. They were peep toe sling backs, black patent with big shiny buckles, one by the ankle and two across her toes, and the heel was polished shiny steel too. The heel must have been 7 inches and they had just over 1 inch platform.
Suddenly she asked me if I was alright. Suddenly I was aware that her question had snapped me out of a trance induced by those shoes. For all I was aware I could have been staring at those shoes for an hour.
"Er, yes" I stammered, looking up "I, er, just, er,"
she cut me short saying "thats good then. It's just that you made this wierd noise like you was about to die or something."
"SHOES" my mouth worked without my brain engaging, and then I felt my cheeks flush with embarrasment. I composed myself as we both stood up "sorry, what I mean is" deep breath "those shoes are gorgeous, their beyond gorgeous, I'm jealous, I want them, where did you get them, were they expensive, they look expensive, love those big shiny buckles, and that heel, ooooh."
She looked stunned. I apologised, and said I'd leave her and her fabulous shoes alone now, then turned and walked away cursing myself for being such an idiot.
Two aisles down, pasta, again I was crouching to the bottom shelf, when I heard that click click again and looked to my left to see her and those shoes walking towards me. My mind was completely ruined, I couldn't concentrate enough to remember what sort of pasta I wanted. My whole self was engulfed in some bizarre shoe induced trance again. I think I was even trembling a little. She slowly walked down the aisle and passed behind me, I closed my eyes and lost myself in the moment, savouring each delicate click on the stone floor.
She stopped on my right hand side, and crouched down. I took another deep breath, I could hear myself trembling as I slowly breathed in, but before I could say anything she said softly, almost a whisper "I've been wearing sexy shoes for years, and I've never seem anyone react like you. You are reacting just like I did when I saw them in the shop. I could almost believe that you want to wear them."
I think the look on my face must have said it alk
"you do don't you. It's not of it the shoes you find sexy, it's just the shoes."
she chuckled a little, stood up, and walked away.
I took another deep breath, composed myself and went about my shopping. I didn't see her again.
I was loading my shopping into my car and I heard a delicious click click of heels. I looked up and there she was, walking strait towards me. "Ok, I'm curious, if I said to you right now you can have me or the shoes, what would it be?" I said, the shoes. She laughed, a full and hearty laugh. "they wouldn't fit, you'd never be able to walk in them, and anyway"
this time I cut her short with, you wanna bet! What size are they 6, 7?
She reached down and started undoing the ankle strap. I did the same with my work boots. She handed me her shoes and said 50 says you can't walk to the shop door and back.
Well they felt as good as they looked, and as I walked away from her I looked back and joked, ha ha, your not getting then back now.
I got whistled and cheered as I walked through the car park. People stopped and stared open mouthed. Including the girl whose shoes I was working. I neglected to mention the significance of my tired legs, and how the angle of those shoes was so steep, and the platform was one of those that if you get it a little wrong it catapults your foot forwards, and how the combination of all this burned my aching muscles like hell, and forced me to take the tiniest of dainty little steps, and how it seemed to take an eternity to cross that car park, but despite all this I felt like I was walking on a beautiful cloud.
It was one of those moments when you could almost burst with joy. When I got back to her, I did a little jump of joy, with a massive grin on my face I thanked her, declined the 50 and said I'll have the shoes instead. She wouldn't give them up though.
Nothing more was said. She walked away, carrying her shoes.
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Wow, what an experience!!