One Husband, 4 Young Kids And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

Groundhog day ........ That's what every day is. On maternity leave after baby no 5 ....... Raven is only 7 weeks old and already looking forward to going back to work !!! Can hear all the gasps 'how can you feel that way when your babies need you'. Love all my kids to bits, but I am in bits a I write this....... COnstant cleaning/tidying/feeding /washing/drying/bleaching/changing/dressing/playing/school runs/ etc etc. it is never ending !!! I am exhausted. Husband is brilliant with kids, but I feel really angry that he gets to go to work and I am at home watching and playing with kids , cleaning/tidying/cooking/washing etc etc......... Time with friends??? What friends ?? No time !!! Time to hire a cleaner !!!!!
Sm1812 Sm1812
Sep 14, 2012