i am already ill i should be resting. i started the day positive and happy. why do people have to betray me.use me like garbage.i am so angry right now i feel like i am going to lose control or throw up.could be a combination of not eating sleeping and my pain killers.who knows.i wish people would leave me alone.stop hounding me and then when i have something to say ignore me.yeah you get what you need from me and walk away.never mind i am in pain and want to be held and looked afer for a change.i do not want to be controlled.i have to decide be held like i long to and be looked after.and controlled in everything i do and be anxious all the time.or never be held forever to be alone and used but have my freedom with no where to live though.two great choices a third comes to mind.

freeangel freeangel
31-35, F
Apr 28, 2010