I am experiencing postcranial sleepiness now. When I was in my graduate school, I usually went to the computer room or library to get online to talk with people on my MSN messenger after a meal. During the postcranial time, I either feel sleepy or listless and ca't concentrate on serious matter and want to do some light matter which uses less brian power. Talking on MSN would be a good choice. But now I have no friend who can really talk with me meaningly on my messenger because I have lost all my former friends and have not entered another school to make new friends, so whenever after a meal, I don't know who to talk to. I know I should enter a school soon so that I can have a normal social community, but I'm making effort to reading research projects to write letters to ask research opportunities. It takes time. I don't want such a prolonged positionless status, either.
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I feel exactly the same way after sex