Holding Her Legs Open For Another ***** Her.

I will always spread my wifes legs open so she can get full penetration while being ****** by other men. I enjoy either just placing her legs around her partners neck or shoulders or simply grabbing her ankles and pulling them all the way back around her head.As most men will start by licking her then going up to her breasts then either kissing her or nippling on her ears and neck. As they will always start in the missionary position, I will then grab an ankle and slip it under the mans arm pit and place it on his shoulder then going around the bed and taking her other legs by her ankle and do the same.I then will pull her legs all the way back to her head. She will get tired in that position after awhile I will then let go of her ankles and simply let her get homped by placing her legs around the mans neck, and go to the end of the bed and ejoy the show and wait for the sloppy secounds
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4 Responses Feb 11, 2011

I envy you.

What a fantastic thought...great view too while holding her!

I love doing the same kind of thing -- and can't get enough of it!