One Of Our Favorite Swinging Activities

We like the idea of her getting two or more ***** at once. We have had several ********** and they have worked out well. Our first was fun as neither knew what to expect, but she quickly took to having fun and wore us both out. We first met with the guy and played some pool near a hotel room we had selected as a good place to play if all went well. It didn't take long before she was ready to go and left no doubts about the idea that she was ready to **** us both. We made it to the hotel and ******** off all her clothes immediately we did not hesitate to join her, we had our hard ***** alternating in and out of  her willing mouth. He went down on her and began eating her ***** while I let her finish giving me a *******. She was enjoying his technique and could tell she would be ******* soon by the way she arched her back, also by the frequency and depth of her moaning. He licked, and sucked her **** while shoving almost his whole hand inside her *****. She screamed as she continued to swallow me balls deep down her throat. I could see she had squirted and could hear her ***** slurping all the juices as he pounded away on her ****** with his hand and mouth. I was gonna *** if she kept that up, so we switched positions. I went down on her freshly juiced ***** while she sucked our new friend off. This went on for a little while til she told us both, I want you guys to **** me, who wants me first? I told her to let our new ****-buddy go first as I wanted to watch, then join in. She laid back, I spread her legs so could get a good view of his big tool sliding into her for the first time. He pushed her legs back while he moved in over her ready and waiting, pink treasure. His balls slid down over her **** as he positioned her just right, smacking her swollen lips with his hard ****, spreading her juices around so he could stick the head in, ever so slowly giving it to her a little at a time, watching the expression on her face as he buried his thick tool deep into her, spreading her legs wider and wider the deeper he went. Finally as he hit bottom and I could see his balls almost shoved inside her ***** as her ground into her, grasping her *** cheeks and lifting her with his hands and the motion of his **** rocking back and forth inside her, driving her closer to ****** again as she screamed that she was squirting again. He began to **** her in a side to side motion setting her off again. I was enjoying this almost as much as ******* her myself, but then realized she wanted us both inside her at the same time. We laid her on her side with him still in front as I lifted her leg and entered her ***** from the back. She moaned out ohhhh yeahh that's it! We started rocking back and forth, and in no time she was squirting again getting us both wet this time. We were both getting close and finally were gonna ***. She could sense this and we all came together as she squirted on us and we flooded her ***** with baby batter. We were spent from our first round and took a break. It wasn't long before we were back and this time I wanted to **** her ***, I used some of the *** still running out of her ***** to lube up her *** and in no time she was ready. She took it deep and creamed all over me again. She repositioned my **** in her *** facing away from me (reverse cowgirl) then laid back on me while she spread her legs to allow him to **** her ***** at the same time. I held her legs as he again slowly impaled her, I could feel his **** filling her ***** up and feel him between her holes as that thin membrane was the only thing keeping our ***** from rubbing together. He filled her up nicely as I felt her ***** stretch to accommodate his **** as he went balls deep again. We slowly moved in unison so we could stay inside and **** her together. She rocked back and forth on top of me as he pounded away at her ***** again driving her over the edge several times before we both lubed her holes once again. We took another break and played a little more. He then got her into a doggy position, and began ******* her ever so slowly pushing in all the way then pulling out and rubbing his **** up the middle of her *** then back inside her ***** taking long deep strokes. I could tell she liked that, then he slowly squeezed her *** cheeks, and while seperating them to the side,  using his thumbs to slowly rim her ***. I could tell where he was going next, he wanted some backdoor action as well. I asked her if she wanted his big **** up her ***. She said yes please!  He took that as his cue and sunk his thumbs deeper into her *******, getting her ready to accept his monster in her backdoor. He rubbed it up and down a few times then ever so slowly worked it in little by little.  She gasped as he buried himself deeper. She was loving it, I slid under her and worked my **** in her ***** as he gave her *** a good reaming, dripping a stream of lube over her *** as he pushed in and out lubing her up as he went balls deep in her backdoor.I was ******* her ***** and her *** was getting a workout. We kissed as she told me how good his **** felt along with mine inside her, how she had never *** like this before and how much she enjoyed this. We ****** her til we were all spent once more. She said she had more than enough. As our new friend left we fell asleep exhausted in each others arms. We have since gotten together with him and few others for **********.

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Thanks for that! it really turns me on when guys pleasure their angel! She is Super girl!

lucky guy great memory id say, would you not like her sweet ***** while he was ******* her

Wow, amazing sex... I never had a **** in my *** before.

My wife is not an anal fan, so traditional DP is not an option. She does love having two ***** in her ***** however. I like for her to reverse cowboy on top of me and the other guy get between her legs and slide his **** inside her ***** with mine. I also get a great view of the action as my wife lays her head on my shoulder as she's being filled with two hard *****.

My wife loved it when we tried two ***** in the ***** at the same time. Great to see the tension on her face as we ******.

Gee to get my wife to try this would be great but only time will tell i guess.

The part about having 2 ***** in her ***** at the same time sounds like something I would really like to try. Talk about being full.