A Million Little Nudges.

I always get songs stuck in my head - all the time, but the main problem is that I sing them aloud - quietly but still out-loud.
To me, I 'm in this little bubble where all the beautiful music in the world comes together and lives in one little town - all those songs I love and those that make me feel good are all together.
But then someone will nudge me and give me that look that says, "You're doing it again."
Most of the time it's totally sub-concious, I don't even realise what I'm singing or how loudly until some soul-less silencer nudges me and brings me back to reality.

It's got to the point where I'm always being nudged - by friends and family alike, as their little reminder for me to shut up, it's vaguely annoying but now I love singing to myself so much that everytime I am nudged, no matter how publicly-situated we are, I will sing louder and louder just to make a point - and my God, it feels good.

I have never been nudged since. :)
WondertheWorld WondertheWorld
18-21, F
Jan 13, 2013