I Get Spankede By My Dad!

Im 16 and my dad still spanks my bare butt with a belt..
last night I was home with my parents.(cause I am grounded) I "tasted" my dads beer ( I was allowed too), and "tasting" went to drinking, even it only was one beer my dad got extremly mad at me and I was sent to bed at 10 on a saturday night.

when I woke up this morning my dad came in to my room with my granddads old army belt, and yeah my dad looked at me and I could see he was still a bit angry at me. Anyway, my dad made me get up by pulling my hair. He told me to drop my underpants and bent over the desk I have in my room. I was kind of scared cause it was my grandads army belt we were talking about. Anyway, my dad started spanking me, I was crying and begging him to stop after the 5th one but he had 25 more to go.. he even made me count the last 15.

After the spanking was over my dad made me stand in the corner for about an hour. My door was kept open so everyone could see i just got my butt whipped. After the corner time I got grounded to my bed for the rest of the day.. Luckly for me I am allowed to use the computer..
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You poor thing :(

Jacob, i assume you agree you deserve to be punished.....sounds to me like the punishment was a bit severe. I have a 14, yo son and I do spank him sometimes but the spanking is just how I get his attention to start a serious conversation about his behavior. After a good whipping for some reason he is ready to not only listen but share as well. Could that have something tondo with your situation? Just offering a dads perspective.

i think your dad was too hard on you :( I tried a taste of beer before and i hated it too. But to whip you that much and not in private is too much I think even if you were wrong.

im 14 and ive had beer. i hated it, terrible, and don't feel too bad about the age thing, my bros 17 and still gets his *** whooped

Regardless why? You were spanked its a a private matter,not something everyone needs to see. Spanking you yes embarrasing you No. Respect and time to reflect with the door closed after. Your Dad should know better? Learn your lessons Grow wise.

You shouldn't have been allowed to use a computer. Being grounded is just that. Grounded. No privileges. You lost them when you were disobedient. You would have gotten another spanking from me for using the computer.

How old has your sister been?<br />
<br />
How did she and her girl friends react when they saw you as you got spanked on your bare behind?

A 16-year old should not drink beer! It's good you got your bare butt spanked! And it's wonderful the door was left open! I hope your mom and sister got a laugh when they walked by! I know I would have invited some friends over to see!

How delightful!

Spanking should not be about humiliation, degradation and having an audience to embarrass the one receiving that punishment. It's not just about inflicting severe pain on the person who has committed an offense or wrongdoing, it's about getting your point across, teaching a valuable lesson that is done, so he or he will learn something from it, for his or her own growth and development and for his or her own good and wellbeing. Humiliation, embarrassing and degrading him or her
doesn't do any good and is all about meanness and forcing control on the person
being punish. It is nothing to laugh about. Sorry, I don't think that helps.