Breast Strapping And Spanking At A Hotel By My Grandpa

well i am really close to my grandpa...he stays at a hotel because he likes it i guess! He is my disiplinairain. He is very strict and believes there is no chances if u do something wrong u get spanked no chances what so ever! I will share some examples after i tell my story! He makes me go to the bathroom with him and he tell me to come here ( i am 13 and kinda short and skinny) and he makes me sit on his lap and he says we r gonna take a shower! and so he takes off my shirt and jeans or sweats or whatever i am wearing and he takes of my panties and then takes off my bra ( i wear an A 36) and he starts a cold shower i am to stand in the shower and he first checks my vagina for hairs and then he says what r we doing to thoose and i have to say my papa is gonna take a razor and shave them...and then he puts shampoo in my hair and washes it then conditioner and then we get a washcloth and he washes my body and i have to spread my legs and then he takes a shower scrub and runs it threw my vagina i have to act like it tickles and if i refuse or dont act like it tickles he wets my bottom and smacks it hard!! and then he says r we gonna be a good girl or do we need to be thrashed and i ahve to say sorry papa and i will be a good girl! and kiss him on the cheek. and then we get scissors and cut my pubes and then we take a razor and shave them..then we take a picture of it and he prints them to calculate how long my hairs grow over a period of time. then he gets a towel and he drys me off. then he picks me up and he puts me on his hip and carries me too the bed and lays a towel down on the bed and i lay down and he takes powder and powders me ALL OVER. Next he gets me some pj's and puts them on me no bra and then he syasy ok we r gonna go down to the lobby and i am taking my strap. and he sits in one of the chairs i have to sit up straight and with my feet on the floor and i can't move or he tells me to take off my shirt he takes the strap and i get 5 swats on my boobies! then i get spanked over his knee bare bum. then i have to sleep with him in only p'j's and socks! well g2g he had a meeting and i had a babysitter and he is coming back at 2 am so g2g and i am going for sure to get something bad :(
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Most likely fake, prove it by giving us your grandpa's facebook so we can ask him!

OK.. Listen.... your grandpa is doing something veryyyyy wrong. Tell you mom or any female guardian you have around. Couples take showers together, not reletives. Since you posted this a longgg time ago im assuming you have already told the police. but is you havnt, DO. <br />
godbless and im sorry what happened to you,<br />

could you tell more?

Thats all a illegal you could press charges and you should he doesnt love you neither does you parents there just abusers please please please call the child abuse hotline and they be in jail and youll have a much better mom and dad.

Sorry I know your close to him but he is a p.e.r.v.e.r.t.

Ur grandpas a *********