I remember this one time when I was like 9 when my mom hired a babysitter to watch me but she lived a couple houses down from me and knew all my friends, she was like 4 years older than me. my mom told me and my brother that if we didn't do our homework she would spank us both when she got home from Megan's stupid dance thing, that was so embarrassing to say infront of Emily. I rolled my eyes at my mom. Of course mom took offense and told me to watch it and behave myself. I looked at my brother who was just annoyed as I was of the situation. "We don't need a stupid babysitter" nick said to my mom. Mom looked at nick with the look "Nick... Don't start with me". I could see Emily smiling in the across the dining room table. "Ughhh whatever!" My brother groaned. Mom let the remark slip due to the fact her and dad were already behind schedule.

When they finally left me and nick we stuck with Emily looking at us it was really awkward "what?!" I said loud. Emily looked down at her fingernails and smirked, then she got up and slowly walked behind me and said "you know it would be a shame if you boys were to have your butts roasted in front of me" I looked at my brother uneasy "what are you talking about???" Nick asked irritated. "We'll we all know that if I tell your parents you were disrespectful or whatever.. They will believe me and not you." Emily said with a smile "so I would play nice if I was you because I don't play games with... Little boys."

Nick shoved his paper on the ground and stood face to face with Emily "IM NOT LITTLE!!". "SHUT UP IDIOT SHE'S GOT A POINT!!" I yelled at my brother. "DANIEL SHUT THE HELL UP!!!" Nick screamed back. I jumped up from my chair and tackled him to the ground... Well kinda until he tripped me during the tackle. "Don't tell me what to do!" I yelled while we rolled around on the floor. At some point Emily sat back in her chair and watched. Because when our dispute was over she was looking down at us. "Are you guys done yet?" Me and nick jumped to our feet and brushed ourselfs off and say back down. Me and nick noticed Emily was writing things down. "What are you writing" I asked worried. "The things I'm going to tell your parents when they get back".
"Wait?! What?!" Nick jumped from his seat. Emily wrote something down on the paper "Stop that!!!" Nick yelled getting frustrated. "You know what guys I'm going to call your father and him and your mom are not going to be happy with your behavior.." "Emily NOOO!! Don't call pleeeasee well be good and do our homework... Just please please pleeeasee don't call our daddy.

But it was too late Emily picked up the phone and dialed the number my dad left her which was his cell. She talked to him on the phone for awhile then she came into the dinning room again and placed the phone by nick. Your dad wants to talk to you. Nick was hesitant but he picked up the phone and said hello in a cracked voice, he winced and moved the phone away from his ear when dad started talking.. It was more like yelling though I could hear him. "Dad no you don't have to do that we promise well be good" nick said waiting on edge for a response. Nick started to cry "dad... Noooo..." He looked at me and hid his face so I would see his tears. I was really on edge by this point. He started sobbing "dad please not the belt please I promise ill be good" he sobbed more. I looked at my brother who tossed the phone on the table and buried his face into his sleeves crying. Emily picked up the phone "hello.. Yeah I guess he's done speaking with you." She walked out of the room. I nudged my brother "What did dad say???" My brother wiped his face and told me that dad told him that he was going to blister our *** with the belt for being disrespectful to Emily and not doing our homework. "Seriously?!" I said nervous. "Yeah he's not happy." Nick responded. "WE'RE SO DEAD!!" I started to cry. "I DON'T WANT TO GET SPANKED!" I added. We talked about if there was an option of changing his mind but it was my dad whatever he said goes and that was final. Me and nick spent the rest of the night totally wrecked waiting for our punishment that could take place at any moment and not long after the door opened and my parents stood there glaring at us not happy at all. My mom brought Emily into the living room to talk and I guess pay her or whatever but my dad sat across from us in the dinning room. The first thing he said was "who's first". That sent me and nick off edge, two brother crying and begging "Daddy!! We're good now well do anything" "please pleeeasee PLLEEASEE!!!" My dad looked at us "alright then if none of you are man enough to face you consequence then I guess ill choose". Ill I could think about in my mind was please choose nick... please choose nick. "Daniel? Lets go." I just wanted to die. "Dad NOO!! Choose him" I said pointing at my brother. My dad was already up from the table and behind me. "Let's go!" Dad said sternly. I started to cry hard "I don't wanna!!"
"DANIEL JOSEPH IF YOU DON'T STAND UP AND COME WITH ME BY THE COUNT OF 3 THEY'RE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!!" I looked at my dad with sad eyes... 1..... I fell on the ground and rolled "NOOO!!!!" 2..... DADDY PLEASE DON'T SPANK ME!!" 3. My dad rushed over towards me and smacked me on my butt a few times I held my butt in agony and cryed. "Listen to me Daniel Joseph! Stand up!" I stood up slowly and blocked my butt from anymore blows. Now go towards your room I walked very slow towards the stairs" "I'm not in the mood for games" dad said irritated. He picked me up and brought me upstairs and sat me down where he started to take off his belt. "Pants off" dad said angry. I didn't want to listen. My dad sat down the belt and rushed towards me again he spanked me again a couple times then he pulled down my pants for me and begin a assault with his hand 💥💥💥💥💥💥😭😭😫😫😫 Dadd-dddyyyy it STT-HEHEHE-INGS OWHHAHAHA!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥😭😭😭😭😫😫😫 STOP STOP!!! I screamed and kicked my legs. "Over the bed!!!" I did as I was told this time. I saw my dad pick up the belt and I lost breath for a moment..., WAIT WA-WAIT WAAIIT!! DADDYY please not so hard 😫😭😫😫😭 "were almost done" dad said sternly. AHAHAHA NO!! I weeped 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!! AHAHOWWAHAHA!! DADDY PLEASE STOP PLEEEASEE IT BURNS AND STINGS BADLY!! 💥💥💥💥 then the fireworks stopped. dad made me stand in the corner with my hands on top of my head while he gave Nick punishment and his face was tear stained afterwards too he also stood in the corner too. We were hurting for the rest of the night... I hate that belt.
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That belt must have really hurt. Emily was a spiteful babysitter.

Good account of your belt whipping. I also got the belt growing up.
Can you add me as a friend?


I hate getting belt whipping to bad !
It hurts so dang bad when your naked .