I had been naughty for a long time, doing little things to try and get spanked but for about 2 to 3 weeks but unfortunately nothing happened. I finally got the courage to talk to my boyfriend about it and he kept saying don't worry you'll get one but I continued telling him that he wasn't going to do anything and his bark was worse than his bite.. ya know testing the waters.

Yesterday I went over his house and I had a feeling I was gonna get spanked but still wasn't sure yet. For a while we talked and cuddled then he made me get up and take my jeans off. At first I didn't wanna do it but he took the covers away and wouldn't give it back until I did it. Then we got back under the covers and snuggled some more. When his video went off he got out the bed and grabbed the handcuffs that's when I knew it was coming, then he started searching for a good belt to use.

He took the covers off again and told me to come here, I said no because I was scared. He grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him. I ended up getting away and tried to run from him but his bedroom is quite small so I couldn't really go anywhere. He had one end of the belt in his hand and was swinging the other end trying to hit me w/ it.

While he was swinging the belt I tried running again but he somehow still managed to get me no matter where I went. At one point I was backed into the corner and he stood on the bed and smacked my legs a few times. Then he told me to get out the corner so I did and curled into a ball on the bed. He kept smacking my legs until I gave up trying to get away from him. I begged him to stop and he said he wouldn't until I did what I was supposed to do. When he whoops me I have to lay across the bed so I did and he really started to spank me. I don't think he was really aiming for my *** because my thighs and sit spots got the most licks. After 10 or so he pulled me off the bed by the arm and made me stand up. He continued spanking my legs.

Yesterday was the 1st time I almost cried during a spanking usually I scream and whine but it really hurt. Once he was done he put the belt away and held his arms out for a hug.
SpoiledRottenBaby SpoiledRottenBaby
22-25, F
Aug 21, 2014