does anyone else hate it when on family reunions your parents tell your other relatives in full detail how many spankings you got and for what ? sometimes i think parents have a contest on how they spank their kids... i do agree hearing about how my cousins all get it is awesome.
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please add me. I have lots of memories of relatives talking about spankings.

and do they get it worse than you?

some do.. some dont... at least i dont live in that part of the family that uses a cane

yes... the details can be quite graphic lol

The cane, I'm sure you love to hear when they get that, especially if its real hard and on bottom and legs

I knew how my cousins were spanked, because I saw a lot of those spankings. My father and my uncles didn't care much about modesty and family gatherings often featured a bare bottom spanking or two.What was embarrassing was when my mother talked to other neighborhood moms about spankings and always let them know about the spankings my sisters and I got. I would cringe because I knew all the other kids would soon know if I had gotten spanked recently. Of course, I loved hearing about the other kids in the neighborhood and all about their spankings. Especially the girls.

I think we all like to hear about others getting spanked. that a reason I am here. Can you add me to your friends?

When I was a kid we would have relatives at our house for Sunday dinner. If any of us had been spanked the previous week it was sure to come up during dinner conversation. When my brother was the subject of a spanking I would have a big smile on my face.

But sometimes my mom would report about me saying "I had to give him a good spanking with the hairbrush this week for disobeying me and going off on his bike." My sister would chime in with "she gave it to him good, too. I was across the street and could hear him yelling and crying." Then my grandma would add "well that's what happens when kids don't behave. A good hiney warming will teach him to do as he's told the next time." By this time, my face was as red as my hiney had been from the spanking.

Hi last year when I was staying with my aunt & uncle I was out with my boyfriend my cousin and a group of friend celebrating finishing exams, my friend ella turned up late and had clearly been crying when we ask what was wrong she told us her mom had spanked her for cursing, I didn't mean to but I just laughed, to my horror my cousin said "I don't know why your laughing you were crying your eyes out over my moms knee this morning! And you will be again once we get home & I tell her how mean your being" I was so embarrassed! At least ella was willing to share I would rather my friend &
boyfriend didn't know

So was that the truth and did you get another spanking, Did your bf start spanking you? Did he want to see your red bottom from your mothers spanking that morning?
can you add me to your friends?

How do you feel when you hear about it?

I do feel great then!

happened to me too, moms especially

In my view if someone gets a spanking it's a private matter. I see no value init being discussed. Jim

Not something that happens in our house
We don't discuss spankings they are private
Must be embarrassing

This is so embarrassing! They go through the details of my last spanking, aunty and uncle look at me and smile!
On the other hand...... i like to listen to them when they talk about my cousins' last spankings, while they sit at the table, blushing.
Care to add me?

Are your cousins male or female, Nina?

Two male, one female

Did you say whether they are older or younger than you - I can't see it here!

males both older, 1 and 3 yrs, female my age

Have you ever actually been present when they've been punished - I was jut looking at your own thread to see what you'd said!

yes, I was frequently!

I'm assuming from what you've said elsewhere that in your family all punishments are on the bare bum? That must have been REALLY embarrassing for your male cousins!

Sure, bare bottom. Yes,this was embarrassing, but embarrassment is deemed part of punishment in our family.

Just PM'd you, Nina

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