Hello I was spanked by my girl friends mom for not obeying her. It was my girlfriend and I desided not to listen to her mom and see what would she do to us. Her mom told us to go to her room and get ready for a very hard spanking for several spanking objects. I just laugh at her and said you are not going to spank us. We are in our twenties. She told us that we need to be spanked for not listening to her at all. She started with me first. She told me that I had to take off all of my clothes and stand in the corner. Then she called me over to the bed and told me to lie on my front side so that way she can tie me to the bed. She told me that I need to be the one with the most spankings. She told me that I had to learn my lesson. She then got a hair brush and spanked me 50 times nonstop. Then I told her that it do not hurt at all. Then she got a paddle with hole. Then she spanked me 50 times with that paddle that had wholes. I was crying and she told me that she has to spank me some more with other objects. Then she got a thick leather belt and spanked me 50 times. I am crying and tell her that I have learn my lesson. She tell me no I have not. Then she get a whip and spanks me all over. 50 times with the whip. Then she tells me that she was going to let my mom know what she did to me as a punishment. My mom tells her to spank me more because I do not listen to anyone. Then She did this to her daughter the same way I was spanked. Then spanking both of us with the belt and whip. We were both crying and told her mom that we have learned our lesson. So my mom would send me to her for spankings. I still get my punishment from her mom. She told us that we had to be good girls and she would stop the spankings.
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Wonderful story. Do you want friends on here ? I was blocked when I tried to befriend you. Huggzz Jean Marie