Bare, my punishments are never getting anything confiscated of being grounded or anything like that only getting spanked and it's always bare bottom if we're out in public but if we're with the family at a house then it's naked it's for anything answering back, lying, being stroppy anything that can be counted as naughty that you can get punished for I get spanked it may sound really weird but after because normally they spank really quite hard they rub this soothing cream on my bum at the end, they also don't care who it's done in front of or where which can be embarrassing and/or humiliating they still spank me now and I'm 18 they've been spanking me since I was about 4
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I'm an strict disciplinarian and believe that girls should be subject to corporal and the punishment humiliation of naked corner time add me to your list of friends so we can chat about your spankings


I hope you are grateful they want you to behave and are afraid to spank you. So many parent are afraid to spank their children these days. My boys are 16 and 18 and I don't hesitate to give frequent bare bottom spankings over my knee when needed

can you add me to your list of friends.

not weird spanking is used in our house a lot please add me

Do you plan on doing the same or different if you become a mom and have a daughter? Can you add me?