Me and my dad got into a fight beacuse I got cought smoking weed in the house. I have been staying with my friend for a month I called him an asked if I can come home he said yes but he was going give me a butt whoopin before I could officaly come back. He is the track and basketball coach of for a high school so he is really strict and he has busted my butt alot in the past. Im running out of time staying with my friend her husban wants me to leave asap I just dont know if I should go back home a get my butt tore up or try to find another place to crash what should I do???? 
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i would as well teen black boys get the belt on all fours and so should teen black girls as well. My two boys still get the belt bare

Just thought y'all would like to know Im going home tomorrow

Good luck let know how you make out. My friend.

I think you should face the music and take your well needed spanking

Face the music hun

Write a list of the pros and cons of both. When I left my house last year it was the day I turned 18 I never will go back but I also haven't really talked to them since.

There is no reason for you to take that! Tell him you are willing to talk as adults however, not willing to get physically abused. Ask for respect, thats your legal right.


Like the same respect she showed him by smoking pot in his house?

Physical violence is never the answer and 'spanking' an adult completely out of line and very weird! Where do you ppl one from!?? Nothing that couldn't be solved by simply talking to one another.

She disrespected her father in his house, so if she wants to move back in she needs to suffer the consequences of her actions, just because "YOU" find it disturbing does not mean everyone does, but in your eyes I guess he should just let it go and " talk" about it.

I've never heard of a grown woman getting spanked by her father before.. Talking about it isn't letting it go but finding a consequence that is logical for her age. Wtf is wrong with you ppl!?? This has to be a difference in culture or something. Just shocked that this even happens.

Funny how you're the only one that's upset about this, the original poster is even hearting my responses, so maybe it's just you

Yeah it really, really bothers me! I couldn't even imagin getting spanked at that age. As I said it must be a culture thing...

And a grown man 'spanking' a woman 18-21 is very disturbing to me and on many levels.

Oh ok you guys think this would stop a person from becoming an addict as for I see it as something that would be part of the reason to become one. Here in Canada (Qc) you're an adult at 18, now I know in USA its 21. So for you think of a 21-24 year old getting spanked is équivalant to what I see as a 18-21 year old. Do you guys all still agree with it? If so then I'll agree to disagree :) For real I've never heard of such a thing at that age!

I'm not going to say I don't believe in discipline my dad is a single father of to girl and a very respected man in our community he's not some creep

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I would just suck it up and take it and move back home. It will suck yes but at least then it will be over with and you can move on.

Thats easy for you to say its not your butt

True but been there done that