He Spoils Me With the Little Things...

this morning pat (my husband) had to wake up early to go to work before me or araya (our daughter) normally even wake up... of course araya wakes up before me, she comes into our room holding a piece of paper. it was a very very sweet note saying good morning to us both(it was hung on the hall gate i think). so of course i wake up with a very cheesy satisfied  grin automatically, but then we walk out into the kitchen and there on the counter is two flowers. one for raya and one for me along with another note and a ready  to make pot of coffee! :D i love my husband!

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2 Responses Aug 27, 2008

Indeed Shaawn it very rare and obsolete these days informally and it's a shame as well . women are treated like property or materialistic likewise with no purpose! Have we as a country forgot to love? Thanks for the beautiful submission madam!-Nichollee

Beautiful :) Now that sounds like the perfect morning :)<br />
Araya sounds like a perfect name for your princess. That name definitely has an Indian feel to it, any specific reasons?