In the summer time when i am wearing a sweater i get staired at a lot..

Arorin Arorin
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I was tired...

lol.. sure they adapt but MOST meaning the norm, don't feel it comfortable to wear blankets in a hot car.

How is that not norm? You telling me other peoples bodies don't adapt? I find that hard to believe...

see thats not the norm!

Everyone is different but my body adapts.

its odd that you would withstand that heat with blanket on you.<br />
<br />
I can't sit in my room without stripping down and opening up my window in the dead of winter when it gets up into the 70s here

How is it odd that i feel comfortable in extreme heats? I grew up in a desert, and without air conditioning. My dad was allergic to it in some way.

thats cause you are odd....<br />
<br />
not a bad thing but thats odd.

I enjoy it shrimper

ew roar.. thats cruel and unusual punishment.

Humidity doesn't bother me either. I use to travel around in a van during the summer around the US for 2-3 weeks with my dad and brother on a trip. It would get to 110 or so inside the van and i would be in the back sleeping with two wool blankets on me.

lol hotter maybe.. but my area is a plethora of climate.... The humidity would choke you in a sweater. <br />
<br />
dry heat isn't so bad... its that darn muggy heavy stick to you kind of heat that will knock ya out wearing long sleeves and heavy material in the summer here..

I bet it is hotter where i live being a desert and all, but i don't know where you live.

I could see that... however, I think I would pass out here if I did that.

I don't mind if they think i am crazy. It keeps the sun off my skin and i am cooler then they are in the end.

There are certainly worse things to be stared at for!