I Was Born This Way

I have always been very sensitive to everything around me because of how I was born. Unfortunately it has also always caused massive physical pains and ailments.

I take drastic measures when people hurt me online or offline to ensure they won't hurt me again. Most people can easily get over things that happen. Come to find out from medical fields that I am not the only one like this. Everyone who is born like me takes everything personally and cannot ignore. What does the stress do? It causes massive pain and ailments. Conversion disorder. Some get it later in life. Some like me have it their whole life.

I have been dealing lately with major stress factors.
1. Getting sexually and physically abused every day for 7 months
2. Putting GUUYY back in my circle just so he won't tell people I hate Muslims just because I block him after he deliberately hurts me in emails and I'm just trying to avoid the email pain, which intensifies when he gets mad at me for not emailing him after he hurts me. I have friends who are Muslim and they are NICE to me.

I am going through a very hard time thanks to stress and physical ailments. I did what I had to, to get GUUYY to stop hurting me since he doesn't want to stop hurting me on his own when I ask it of him. I would never call him friend except that he's in my circle. He likes hurting me and slandering me so to me, he is my enemy. I just now have to ride out the ailments I get whenever I see anyone that looks like any of the guys who attacked me. I have my friends who don't have to be told to be nice to me and who don't slander me cause they respect human peers. So I know I'll be okay. :)
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1 Response May 2, 2012

Friends are good to have. But you are in charge and you can live your life any way you want. Do what is right for you. If I were you I would just block GUUYY. It sounds like he is adding undue stress to your life and you don't need him there. Don't worry about him slandering you. No one will believe him. I am sure that anything you write on EP is there for anyone to read if they will be so responsible as to think for themselves. Those who don't think for themselves aren't really worth knowing anyway.

thanks for my smile, my dear friend :)