Dreaminga Bad Dream

I've had my fare share of good experiences, and sum that should be left untold, but a day dream has its bad points and its only good point, a day dream you get knocked out of if it gets to the point where your mind docent want to continue, thats the one good thing, as i see it there nothing compared to a real dream or a nightmare, the nightmares i have don't seem to get any where but stay in one subject, a past partner that has influenced my life and the memory that i have, keep cumin back to hornt me, its start off being a nice dream. one id still raver forget but then! pardon the pun! all hell brakes lose and then i wake up after going those some thing id raver forget. but i know it going to happen in my dream but i still go along with it, Day dreams i wish that  is what ive got.

sticky02k7 sticky02k7
22-25, M
Feb 17, 2010