Loud, Happy, Horny Drunk

When I get drunk I have no common sense or impulse control. I am also a horny drunk. When I am toasted I will hump anything. More than once I have done the wake up, roll over and see the person next to me and thought "What the hell did I do". I also get loud and obnoxious, not mean just annoying.
While drinking I know when to stop so that I just have a nice buzz, but once I get past that point I no longer realize where my limit is. If I get honestly drunk I will continue to drink until I toss my cookies.
I have learned to never drink without a wing man that I trust. I have to have someone that will take the drink out of my hands and pull me away from who ever has attracted my attention. Although, even with a wing man I have learned to stop at buzzed.
lyricaldemise lyricaldemise
41-45, T
Nov 26, 2012