I Have Chronic Tension Headaches

In early June of 2009, I started getting really bad headaches.

They continued nearly every day for about two months before we decided, 'something's wrong. We need to go to the doctor.' I went to the doctor in August and they said that there was nothing wrong in my neurological exam. He told me that it was probably caffeine withdrawal and told me to cut caffeine out of my system and to come back in one month if it didn't help. 

Lo and behold, I was in the doctor's office again in September. This time, they took some blood. (about 20 mls to be exact) They checked my thyroid numbers, my blood count and for food allergies. 

After four days of waiting, the doctor called and said that everything was normal except my thyroid numbers. They were ever-so slightly low. Nothing to major, but they wanted me to come back in three weeks to retest the numbers. (Meaning another 7mls of blood gone :|...) Surprise of all surprises, the numbers were now normal and the last test was just a small...Blip. 

So this time my doctor said he just didn't know and her referred a neurologist. It was December by this time and the headaches have still came daily and are still terribly painful. At the neurology exam, they did a much more extensive neurological exam. While there, they did the normal check up type stuff. (Weight, height, blood pressure etc.)

After the doctor told me that my neurological exam was once again, completely normal and that there were absolutely no neurological signs of something like a tumor, he told me something else that was quite a health scare. 

I had High Blood Pressure. 


It was somewhat of a surprise, but also it wasn't due to the fact that high blood pressure runs on BOTH sides of my family. But it was a scare, nonetheless. 

They told me to get my high blood pressure checked out by my PCP. (Primary Care Physician) And they also scheduled an MRI for mid-January. (Waiting that long due to the holiday) The doctor said that considering there was absolutely nothing wrong in my neurological exam, he saw no reason to have the MRI be top-priority. (Had something been wrong in the neurological exam, he said, i would be going for an MRI immediately) 

He assured me that the MRI was just to rule out ALL other possibilities. Which really sucked for me because I have mild/severe claustrophobia. :| (of course)

The MRI was at 1 o clock on January 23rd and I was scared to death. (almost literally :/ )

Due to the fact that it was an MRI of my brain, they had to have the face-mask type thing pulled over my head. The MRI tech told me that if I was claustrophobic, I should close my eyes BEFORE she sent me inside the machine. So I did. 

I was in the machine for 42 minutes. Only coming out about 30 minutes in to inject me with a dye. I made the mistake about half way through to open my eyes, and I about passed out. (Which probably would have been a good thing) 

There was literally only about 3 inches of space in between me and the inside of the machine. 

Anyhoo, I survived. (mainly because I was able to listen to my music during it) 

We waited one week and one day for results. I was fine. (Minus the anatomical anomaly in my right temporal...Idk it's the way my brain formed while I was in the womb. It has nothing to do with my headaches and it will NEVER cause me trouble...It's just the way my brain formed)

We went back to my PCP last week and he re-checked my blood pressure. Guess what? It was normal. The universe just decided that I wasn't worrying enough and wanted to ADD to it. 

It was then that he told me I had Chronic Tension Headaches. (Which is what my neurologist had suggested that I might have) he said there was really no certain medications that would help (medications I could take, anyway, considering I am only 15 and some medications could seriously hurt me)

He said to continue to use Advil or Tylenol, but only maybe two or three times a week. ("Don't overdo it on the advil, you can become addicted and then suffer ibruprofen withdrawal." he'd said)

So that's my story and my journey to my diagnoses of Chronic Tension Headaches. And I'm fifteen-years-old. 

(By the way, that all added up to like, six or seven doctors appointments in about five months) 




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Feb 16, 2010