Bensalem Pa

I live near the Home Depot and the Target near the Neshaminy Mall in Bensalem PA.   I have experienced seeing a shadow down the end of the hallway upstairs along with something getting into my bed where the mattress sinks and I get a real cold feeling over me...   Sometimes the closet light is on when I get home from work and I know it wasn't left on in the morning when I leave...   
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3 Responses Aug 8, 2010

No ****, I got more ghostly stories. I bought this new wood burning stove. I left it out front and when I got home from work the glass was smashed and there was a hockey puck nearby. When I asked my boys -- none of them did it, fuckn ghosts

I live in a small house in Bensalem across from neshaminy mall. I am sure I am being haunted. I find urine all over the toilet seat and I say to my 8 year old, "you **** the seat". And he's like"no", so it must be ghosts-

I lived in a house in Lancaster Pa that was built in 1897 and we had alot of unexplained incidents in that house we had pictures fly off the wall for no apperent reason we used to hear people whispering in the kitchen all of the time and when we finally said enough is when our gas stove was turned on in the middle of the night and the creepiest thing of all is we had a stained glass window in the kitchen that you always felt like someone was watching you thru it we also put a small clock on the windowsill it stopped working when we moved it it started working again that was one creepy house.