Gudgeonville Bridge

About forty years ago a little girl fell off the cliff next to the bridge and her ghosts are now seen there. The man named Gudgen, which the place was named after, supposedly beat his mule to death because it refused to cross the bridge, you can hear the hooves and bays on certain nights. Other odd apparitions and presences have also been felt there; such as if look to the right of the bridge up on the top of the cliff, An apparition appears in a dress and really pale. She then falls off the cliff and vanishes into air.

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4 Responses Jun 26, 2008

I used to live by the bridge when I was younger. I remember walking through the bridge with my family and it was creepy. my mom told us the stories about the little girl and gudgen. the girls mom was jealous of her because she got more attention from her father and her mom pushed her off. its ashame that the original bridge is no longer there because someone decided t burn it down. now theres a metal bridge there. it is not the same


sounds spooky .

We both know ghosts never really vanish!