True Story

There is a cemetery in NJ called Green Light Cemetery.  So called because sometimes you can see green lights hovering over the graves.  I have been in the cemetery a few times and have seen the phenomena myself.  It resembles fog but it glows and is green.  Some say it is gasses.  A friend lived not far from the cemetery and I offered to drive her home one snowy night.  The gates to the cemetery are set back from the road, the drive is on a slight incline.  As we drove past the cemetery my car went into what I thought was a slide right toward the gates.  I gently tapped the brakes until the car stopped and put the car in park.  This is where it gets strange.  The car kept moving toward the gates very slowly.  I thought the car was still skidding, my girlfriend got out and said the wheels were still rolling, how that is possible I have no idea.  A quick prayer ended the entire thing.  I still have no idea what the whole thing was about and I'm not sure I want to know.   

Sluie Sluie
2 Responses Jun 28, 2008

You are welcome. I can tell you how to get there but for some reason it is not a comfortable place to visit. I don't know if you have had the experience where some places are comfortable and some are not.

Now that is a story I would love to investigate someday. Thank you for sharing.