Gordon Mountain

On top of the Gordon Mountain. A woman was murdered and left to die here many years ago. The man who killed her had a distinguishing scar on his face. When you drive up there at night, your car stalls. She walks to the car and checks all the windows for the man. She returns to her rock afterward and continues to brush her hair as she is doing when you first get there. The car will then start. - February 2004 Update: This was discussed in the local newspaper about a decade ago that this was fiction (although the burned body in the paper from the actual murder was very real). Also, the mountain itself has been developed (and lost some height) for a new exit off I-81 as the submitter discovered traveling there three years ago to their amazement. A very lengthy drive in the "middle of nowhere" added to the mysteriousness of the story. There was (is?) a lake on the mountain and the story claimed the woman would walk on the lake.

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I agree, ab11. Great story, anyhow.

That is what makes these stories so much fun. It would be interesting to go to each of these areas and trace the story back to the source to see how much truth there actually is to them.

I am from Berks Co. could someone give me directions, I travel thru Ashland all the time and have never heard this story. Thanks.

I have lived in the Ashland Area (Schuylkill County, PA), have driven numerous times and hours on that road, not once have I ever encountered the aforementioned "woman specter". However, the murder did occur and lore has it that a local doctor had her head in a container of ether preserved in his office. The 'doctor' has died many years ago, but truly believe it was just a local legend to keep people off of the mountain due to damage being done at the Minersville Area Reservoir, which would be the "lake" atop of the Broad Mountain. The area was also a popular drinking area for underage people, and the lore just continued to develop from there.

Sound cool, where is this at?