Loudoun Pa. Ghosts

Loudoun is said to be one of the most haunted houses in Philadelphia, often tying with Baleroy Mansion for the title.

The mansion was built in 1801, as the home of Thomas Armat. The house was built on the site of the Battle of Germantown, over an area known to contain the bodies of casualties of the battle.

Nevertheless, Loudoun is said to be the home of 5 earthbound spirits.

The first spirit is that of Maria Dickinson Logan, who died in 1939. She is seen in her old bedroom. Some of her personal items are on display there, and they are found moved about, as if someone had been using them. In life, Maria was not the kindest of people. Her spirit seems to resent the intrusion of strangers into her private bedroom - a feeling many of us can identify with. A woman who spent the night there reported that she saw an older woman with a clenched fist sitting on the edge of the bed in Maria's former bedroom.


There is also the ghost of Willie, a little boy who is believed to be the spirit of William Armat Logan, the mentally retarded son of Gustavus and Anna Logan. He died in 1860 when he was eight years old. His spirit is mischievous, and often moves things around, hides things, and places things where they don't belong.


The shadowy figure of a man has been seen on the staircase, a woman in a rocking chair has been seen in the sunroom, and the spirit of a little girl about 6 or 7 years old wanders the corridors at night.


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