Pennsylvania Hauntings Complete (A)

I have finally gotten all the stories put together per county and over the next little while I will be listing them here.  Some of them are repeats from stories I had posted before but this will be a complete listing of all the stories I have collected over the years.  I hope you enjoy it.




Cashtown - The Historic Cashtown Inn 1325 Old Route 30 . Cashtown, PA The inn was built in 1797. During the Battle of Gettysburg in the Civil War, the inn became the Confederate Headquarters of General A.P. Hill.


Today, the ghost of a Civil War soldier may be seen walking the halls of the inn. His footsteps have been heard in the attic as well, and he has been known to knock at the door of Room 4 in the middle of the night.


Gettysburg - An open field near Devil's Den - Witnesses reported being in the middle of a battle, reliving it.

Gettysburg - Cemetery Hill - On chilly summer nights, you can see at times a blue column of light. And sometimes you can feel that someone is watching you, and you can here people crying for help.

Gettysburg - Civil War Wax Museum - There is several exhibits that had orbs in photos.


Gettysburg - Eisenhower House 97 Taneytown Road. Gettysburg, PA - Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower as a place to relax bought this home and they retired here after his term as president. Apparently Mamie like it so much she never left! She lived in the house until her death in 1979. Three years later, some strange occurrences cause some National Park Employees to threaten to resign.


Mamie's ghost most often appears in a corner of the living room and near a window in her bedroom. A psychic who visited the house at the request of park service employees was apparently able to contact the spirit of Mamie. She was upset that the Park Service was going to destroy part of the property to make a parking lot. The Park Service subsequently cancelled those plans.

Gettysburg - Eisenhower - Foot prints on the top of the girls bathroom, noises in the bottom floor girls bathroom and moving things

Gettysburg - Eisenhower Elementary School - In the 1st floor girls bathroom about 15 girls seen a mans boots feet prints on the high ceiling. If you turn off the lights on the bottom floor bathroom you will see little green lights. In the hallway going down the stairs there is this big picture of president Eisenhower, and when you go down the eyes follow you.

Gettysburg - Farnsworth House Inn - Considered by many to be one of the MOST haunted houses in America! The first house in Gettysburg to be investigated by renowned psychic Carol Kirkpatrick, as well as Ghost Hunters International, a crew from Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Southern California. The crews from "Sightings" (Sci-fi Channel), "Unsolved Mysteries", and The History Channel have done filming here. Mary, a spirit from the Civil War era walks the corridors of the Inn at night. There is also a civilian man carrying a child wrapped in a quilt. You can hear him sobbing in an upstairs room. A midwife is seen watching over a young woman in labor. Three Confederate sharpshooters remain at their posts in the garret of the house. A soldier carries a wounded comrade into the cellar of the house. His voice is heard singing to comfort his dying friend, who dies in the catacombs of the cellar. Cold spots have been detected. "Balls of white energy" were photographed as white "auras" of energy throughout the house. Guests report many strange happenings on their stays here!

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Brua Hall - The Theater on campus, Brua Hall is haunted by a civil war era man. He frequently visits the theater at night and has been seen backstage and on the catwalk of the theater. He likes to play practical jokes and move props and costumes around. The man has a favorite seat in the house and sometimes he has been seen watching the students practice for an upcoming show. This seat is left empty for every performance - in case he wants to come and watch!

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Glatfelter Hall - The bell tower on Glatfelter Hall is haunted by the spirit of a girl that committed suicide by jumping from the tower. Male faculty members and students have seen her at the top of the tower late at night. The story is that her lover was supposed to jump with her, but after she jumped he changed his mind. So, late at night she tries to lure the men walking by up to the top, hoping they will jump to their death and join her.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Pennsylvania Hall - The Administrative offices on the campus are housed in a large, white building (Penn Hall) that was a hospital during the civil war. Several faculty members and students have seen a very graphic and horrible civil war hospital scene when the elevator in the building mysteriously goes out of control and takes the passengers to the basement. When the doors open, they are faced with the ghostly scene instead of the usual storage facility that is in the basement. The cupola on top of the building is also said to be haunted. Several students and faculty walking across campus late at night have seen a civil war soldier standing guard on top of the cupola. In several instances the soldier will spot the person and take aim with his rifle.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Stevens Hall - Haunted by the "The Blue Boy." About a hundred years ago, a young boy who was being abused at home sought refuge amongst the college women who lived here. One cold, snowy night, the headmistress came up to check on the girls so they hurriedly hid the boy outside on their window ledge. The headmistress took her time talking to the young women, but finally she went back to her room. The girls rushed to the window ledge only to find the boy was not there anymore! They went down & outside to see if he had fell, but there was no boy. To this day, sightings of a young boy, blue in the face as if frozen, are common among Stevens Hall residents.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Sigma Nu Fraternity House: - the only doctor in the county through the depression era previously owned this house. He died in the house. There have been numerous incidents of lights going on and off, with nobody visible at the switches. Large, very heavy oak doors have slammed open and shut, followed by lights completely dimming out. The lights have dimmed out in the bedroom where the doctor died, while the lights in the hallway have stayed lit, and they're both on the same circuit. Sounds of things being thrown around in the basement in the dark, but the noise stops when the lights are turned on, and nothing is out of place. Once during a storm over a break, one of two people in the house heard the front door slam open, they went downstairs, closed the door, only to turn around and see wet footsteps on the carpet. Noises of walking upstairs were then heard. The person raced upstairs to find more wet footprints. The person chased the noised and footprints through the house. As the person chased the noised through the only hallway on the 3rd floor, when the other person was studying in the hallway, the studying person said that nobody had passed by, yet they both then heard the noises going down the stairs. They then heard the front door slam open again, and the footprints had exited the house. Another person was closing one of the heavy doors late one night when in mid swing, the door suddenly stopped dead, as if it had hit a solid obstacle. There was no obstruction, and the door could not have caught on anything. They swung the door again, and it then swung freely.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Theta Chi Fraternity House - The story goes that a previous owner had hung himself or herself in the basement. The rumor is that if you see the ghost of the person hanging, something bad will happen to you or a member of your family. - There are stories of people seeing the ghost, and the next day relatives were killed in a car accident – this has not been proven true.

Gettysburg - Gettysburg National Military Park - many ghosts of civil war soldiers have been seen here including entire battles being observed by witnesses. A ghost of Gen. William Barksdale's dog has also been seen the dog died trying to get message to another general.

Gettysburg - Jennie Wade House - The only civilian killed in the battle of Gettysburg, Jennie Wade, is known to haunt this house. Visitors have felt her presence and her father's presence still mourning the loss of his daughter, on occasion some unseen hand will move the chain in the basement.

Gettysburg - Little Round Top The smell of pipe tobacco has been reported.

Gettysburg - Ridgewood - Small wooded housing development behind Oak Hill, the site of the first day’s battle where the peace light now stands, residents report seeing a tall man in a tuxedo gazing. Unidentified blue lights in secluded wooded areas near houses. Unseen entity heard sprinting on train tracks towards nightwalkers - has been known to throw rocks.

Gettysburg - "Red House": - Female students living off-campus, who attend Gettysburg College, always occupy this large civil war era house. There is a small grave in the backyard of the house and it belonged to a young woman who was living there during the civil war. She is said to move around the house at night, moving objects around, breaking plates, glasses, etc. The smell of her perfume, lilac, can be smelled at night when she is walking about the house.

Gettysburg - The Pub - The ladies room and area in and around the kitchen is visited by a woman who according to employees, was murdered and left on the spot while the building was being rebuilt several years ago.  Employees say that she opens and closes doors and turns on and off lights.

Gettysburg - Triangular Field - Located above the Devil's Den, Confederate sharpshooters has been sighted on the rocks down at the bottom of the field, at the end of the woods, prepared to shoot. They have also been heard resounding their famous "rebel yells" and have been known to actually cause "impressions" in the grass, coming towards visitors in the field. Union cannon can be heard as well as screaming and moaning of wounded/dying soldiers all throughout the field. Union soldiers have been sighted at the left of the gate-entrance of the field and have been known to approach visitors. Incidentally, many visitors have experienced their photographic equipment does NOT function in the Triangular Field ~ no matter how new or state-of-the-art their equipment may be! Many, many visitors here have reportedly heard distant drums.

Gettysburg - The Wheatfield - One of the bloodiest battle scenes during the war was the Wheatfield. On occasion you can still hear the war being fought. Sounds of fire crackling, and tin cups clinking can be heard, also the sound of a phantom horse can be heard approaching you.




Allegheny - Culmerville - Culmerville Hotel - This Spirit has said that 'he' is cold and forever in the confines of this building. I do not know the Culmerville Hotel history: date built and original purpose. I do know that there is one very 'needy' spirit in there.

Allegheny - North Park - Old Mill Rd. - Gravity Hill - At the stop sign closest to North Park Golf Course, you are on a hill going down...but when you stop at the stop sign and put your car in neutral, you actually go back up the hill instead of drifting down the hill!


Braddock - J. Edgar Thompson Steel Works - This site (across the river from Kennywood Park) is haunted by the ghosts of British soldiers who were killed by the French & Indians during General Braddock's Campaign of 1755.George Washington observed many of the unfortunate wretches when he organized the retreat of the survivors.


Carnegie - Old Lonsinger House - Reports of hearing an organ playing and seeing an apparition of a "Blue Lady." Many claim that she would knock on their door in the middle of the night saying that something was very wrong in the house though nothing was ever found out of the ordinary.


Coulterville - 13 bends - Reports an apparition of a fire that happened at an orphanage in the 1800’s. Seeing a burning building, hearing children screaming, bells clanging, and horses.


Crescent - Lemon House - This National Historic site at the summit of the Allegheny Portage Railroad was once a tavern and inn.  It is documented that people have died in the house.  National Park Service employees have reported strange noises of banging, and of windows and doors shutting at night.  Foggy nights are the most active times.

Crescent Township - Railroad on McGovern Blvd. - The railroad on McGovern blvd. Is now haunted by a young mans spirit, in 2004 this young man was playing the game called "chicken" with some of his buddies near the tracks and stood right in front of the tracks as a train was fast coming down the tracks, of course the train could not stop but the boy did move out of the way, he did not move far enough though, and unfortunately the train hit him.


Dormont - a librarian who worked there years ago haunts Library. The story is also in a book called Pittsburgh Ghosts.


Elizabeth - 13 Bends - It is said that there was an orphanage in the 1900's, and one day it burned down and all the children died. They can be heard crying for help and their hands seen reaching for visitors. Ghostly cars are known to chase you around the 13 bends.

Elizabeth - Central VFC - in 1955 a firefighter was killed in the line of duty and now haunts the fire co if you are at the end of the fire hall and a call comes in you can see machinery running to the fire truck with a fire coat draped over his shoulder, lights will be on and no one will be there if you stop to turn them off no sooner do you leave the building the lights are on.

Elizabeth - St. Michael's Church - In the early 1980's the diocese of Pittsburgh ordered the church padlocked at 3:00 AM without any warning to the parishioners. The only explanation the diocese would give is that the floor of the 125 year old church was too weak and in danger of collapse. Since that time strange changes to the church have taken place. While the rest of the colored panes of glass in the windows have retained their color the faces of the saints have turned black. Inside the church the walls have peeled and cracked, the pews are filthy with bird droppings and dead birds, yet the area around the altar and the altar itself, which is draped a 100-year-old altar cloth from Ireland, is in pristine condition. As if it were ready for Sunday mass. There is a statue of Saint Michael the Archangel above the main entrance to the church posed with lance and shield. Over the years the statue's shield looks as if it is battle worn and covered with dried blood.


Emmsworth - Dicksmont Mental Institution - Used for mentally challenged patients in the 1800's and was taken over in a rebellion by the patients. Since, apparitions can be seen wandering the grounds, lights flicker, unexplained noises, doors slamming, cold spots add to the already eerie feeling.- December 2003 Update: There is a house where a security guard lives near the site. He will give you permission to walk around up there but only in daylight hours. During the night you it will be considered trespassing.

Greenock - Old Dravo Cemetery - Old miner people walk around the grounds at night down by the Yough Bike Trail.


Harmarville - 13 bends - There was an orphanage that burned down with all the kids still in it, and when you go up the hill all the bump you go over are the buried children. When you go up the hill there are 13 bends, when you come down there are only 12. If you stop half way up the hill, turn your car off, put baby powder on the windows, then turn your car back on after a few minutes there will be little hand prints all over your windows. Sometimes at night you can hear screaming children

Harmarville - Campbells Run Road - Orphanage - During some nights you can see small white lights, fly around in this area. The blink in a rapid pattern of three to four blinks, then a short pause.

Harmarville - Campbells Run Road - The Trail - Three miners died. If you walk a trail near the road, during the day, they will walk past (appearing very real) and acknowledge you. They disappear after they pass you.

Harmarville - Campbells Run Road - The Woods - Three hunters died. You will see large orbs floating through the woods. Also appear as an apparition with out feet.


Leet Township - Wolf's Woods' - Rumors of a few murders are spread. Strange noises like growling and people are heard, but nothing can be seen

McCandless - McCandless Town Hall - Built on farmland. Where it is rumored a young child fell down a well in the early 1900's. Late at night police officers and dispatchers have reported hearing sounds of footsteps in the stairwells, whispering voices, creaking sounds like doors being opened, and lights going on and off on their own. People have reporting seeing the face of a young child staring from a second floor window late at night. The building is kept locked.


Mckeesport - UPMC Hospital - Voices have been heard, bad vibes felt, and there have been sightings of spirits on the Mansfield rooftop, Painter building, and the Kelly building by the maintenance dept.


Monroeville - Pitcairn - Frick House - Apparitions of Mrs. Frick and you see the funeral of her children in the parlor, kids playing in the children's play house, and people in the vehicles as well.

Monroeville - Pitcairn - Restland Cemetery - The dead walk at night in the Restland cemetery. Supposedly, a monument of a girl named Rosie whom is buried in the cemetery will stroll the grounds of the cemetery at night. She is known to the locals as Walkin' Rosie. If you shine a flashlight on Walkin’ Rosie she will walk towards you.

Monroeville - Pitcairn - Trails - You could hear the branches breaking and the sounds of stones being thrown.

Moon Township - country club - The old banker, who lived in this mansion, now haunts the residence, which now stands as a country club. Random lights turn on and off, and you can still smell his cigar smoke on the top floor of the house. There are also reports of seeing a dark figure walking around at night, voices.


Munhall - Woodland School - There was a man that was burn to death in the basement and you can see him in the school looking out the windows and walking around the school some times you can see smoke come out the stack too. November 2003 addition: not only in and around Woodlawn is there the ghost of the janitor and smiley face man there is a little girl that you can see sometimes at night in and around and she hums and sings a tune similar to ring around the rosy and wears a little white dress and has been seen by very many people in and around Woodlawn school the times she was seen in the school there was a group of people in the school after it was closed (for several years) and they went in and they heard the tune and the doors started to slam and then they got out of there and the girl is reportedly seen in and around the school very frequently


Natrona Hts. - Brackenridge-Heights Country Club - Footsteps are often heard in the attic when no one is up there, doors will open and close by them selves, lights mysteriously come on when they were only turned off moments before. A dishwasher also reported he had heard a man clearing his throat in the basement when he had been the only one there.


Oakdale - Noblestown Road - St. Patrick's Cemetery - my investigation took place at dusk in the summer of 2003. When entering this cemetery an immediate overwhelming urgency to leave in addition to cold spots, and feeling extremely uncomfortable. This cemetery has graves that date back in the 1800's to recent. It sits on a hill with the back end of it encased by woods. the further into the cemetery we would go the more uncomfortable it became. In some areas you may feel very short of breath or heaviness in your chest. A local group of investigators claim they got EVPs with a child playing “peek-a-boo” and evil growling noises.


Pitcairn - Beyond the Creek - If you walk back through the woods far enough, you come to an old bridge that connects you over a high fall to a creek. If you walk back that way and almost under the bridge you can see the "old man". The old man is thought to be the spirit of a child molester who used the woods for his crimes but when caught committed suicide. As you are walking throughout the high grass trails, he will turn from a trail ahead of you, and walk in your direction; he always bumps your arm as he passes you through the woods with his head down. If you attempt to chase back down the trail and find him again he will never be anywhere in the woods.

Pitcairn - Fairview Cemetery - Old, un-maintained cemetery, said to be haunted by the elderly, always foggy for some reason.

Pitcairn - Johnson's Shadow Man - The woods to the northwest of Pitcairn Pa surround an old roadway known as Johnson’s Road. Since the road has been closed, there have been many killings on the road. Over 5 bodies have been found on the road in 20 years. The woods are deep and thick, and it is said that voices, walking, and talking can be heard at night. A shadow like figure has been reported many times as being seen near the old reservoir, and the entrance at the Pitcairn side of the overgrown road. Pitcairn police advise not to travel the road, or go into the woods.

Pitcairn - The Main Path - The main path you take to get into the trails is connected still to the old path that people used to use to get back into the wooden area, when walking out of the woods, and back to the city, you will hear the sound of footsteps constantly following you about 10 paces behind you. It doesn't matter how many times you stop and look, as you walk you will be followed.

Pitcairn - The Sand Castles - The sand castle is the term for what is left of the old railroad buildings still located within these trails. It has been reported that at night, when the wind starts to pick up you can hear voices through the trees around you.

Pitcairn - The Trails - Located behind the old baseball fields in Pitcairn there is a large stretch of woods where there are many trails. This entire area is haunted by railroad workers of the late 1800's who died in various accidents in service to the railroad.


Pittsburgh - Northside - Allegheny Center, Building #7 - It has a documented high turnover for students living there, which some say is due to a "bad vibe" the building gives off. It had several incidents of strange phenomenon ranging from cold spots, knocking/rapping, poltergeist like activity, and even visual sightings. The energy's also seem to not be concentrated in just one place, and move freely around the building. Wide majorities of people have reported experiences while living there. A student radio show around Halloween did a segment about the building, and it had several call-ins about strange occurrences at "Agony #7" (a student nickname given to the building). Many skeptics blame the activity on student recreational drug use, pranks, and people blowing easily explained occurrences out of proportion. But many skeptics have become believers.


Pittsburgh - Blue Mist Road - Blue Mist Road has a long history of being known for some unsavory occurrences, from being a site for Ku Klux Klan meetings to the habitat of an unknown creature.

The road, however, is well known for the tale of an unexplained blue mist that engulfs it every night. Like many other local legends, stories associated with Blue Mist have changed over time. Considered mostly to be an urban legend that has continued to thrive over the years, the tales of the road in McCandless still continue to intrigue audiences young and old. Aside from the legend for its namesake, other stories that residents are familiar with include one about the road being a site of Ku Klux Klan rallies, where a nearby tree was used to hang African Americans. Other stories that seem more of the occult have been rumored for years. Such occurrences include: a set of headstones of two longtime lovers touch together during a full moon, the foundation for a witch's house is on the property, a house on the road belongs to a midget woman who will chase after visitors and a half man/ half deer has been seen walking through the woods.


One night, a teen boy and his girlfriend went there too make out, and then they heard a knock from the back window, and then the kid got out too check it out. The girlfriend did not hear him for a minute, then she heard a pounding on the roof of the car, and then she got out of the car and her boyfriend was hanging and his feet were hitting the car from the tree branch right above the car. The insane guy hanged the boy. When the police found her the next day, she was sitting in the car babbling. She went insane from the experience. And the boy's spirit haunts the area where the tree is located


Pittsburgh - Byers Hall - CCAC North Campus - Old mansion, turned administration building. Story has it the Byers family went out to a dinner party, left the baby home with the nanny. The nanny went to check up on the baby and she found the baby dead in her crib. The nanny was so distraught she hung herself. The parents came home later that night and found the nanny hanging over the staircase and the ghost of their dead baby looking at her. The second floor is closed off, however there is a window you can look up into and some say that you can still see the nanny hanging there with the baby looking at her.


Pittsburgh - Cathedral of Learning - Unknown spirits haunt this building. This is mainly on the top floor of it. There is the haunted Early America room on the third floor, which resembles a 17th-century New England home, including a four-poster rope bed covered with a 150-year-old quilt. Not long after the quilt was placed on the bed, a custodian noticed that the quilt was turned down as if someone had slept there; even an indentation of a head on the pillow could be detected. Later, a tour guide and her group noticed the aroma of freshly baked bread in the room. Then, a guide reported seeing the cradle rocking. Eventually, television crews and reporters spent nights in the room to see if a ghost had taken up residence there. To this day, years’ later, including my tour, there has been no official ghost sighting.


Pittsburgh - Dixmont, the oldest mental institution in Western Pennsylvania, opened in 1862 and was originally known as the Department of the Insane in the Western Pennsylvania Hospital of Pittsburgh. In its day, Dixmont was one of the finest examples of mental institutions that were built in an era when social reformers believed that the restful quiet and country air of a rural institution were beneficial to the cure or control of mental illness.

In researching the history of Dixmont, Johnson found an old letter written by a family who had been informed that their father had died at the hospital.

"They refused to come and get the body ... and asked the superintendent not to write them again," she said. In 1895, a training school for nurses was established at the institution. Patients were segregated by sex. Active and disturbed patients were kept in one ward, where they were sometimes restrained in straitjackets and leather hand and leg cuffs. Remains of hydrotherapy tubs indicate that mental patients at Dixmont were submerged for hours in long baths, sometimes in hot or cold water, in a treatment that was popular in the late 1800s. It might involve applying ice caps on their heads or bandages wrapped around their eyes and ears to shut out other sensations. "They also sprayed them with water hoses,"


Pittsburgh - Frick mansion - When Henry Clay Frick built his imperial mansion at 70th Street, he told friends he was doing it to "make Carnegie's place look like a miner's shack." For Frick, it was not a new idea. In Pittsburgh, his 20-story office building was designed to blot out the sun of Carnegie's smaller building next door.

Frick's marble palace housed one of New York's finest collections of art, which had been moved from Pittsburgh where it was threatened by the smoky air. Along with Carnegie's, Frick's mansion is one of the few remaining along Millionaire's Row.


Pittsburgh - ICM School Of Business and Medical Careers - A woman use to work at ICM for 20 yrs ever since it opened, well no one liked her and she was going for a supervisor job but the administrators at that time threatened her to not take the position cause one of the ones that worked there wanted her husband as the Supervisor. Well, one day they all went up to her office at night and her door was shut, when they walked in she had a heart attack and died in the school. Ever since then she haunts the school at night a ghost apparition of a woman has been seen there roaming the halls at night.


Pittsburgh - John Heinz Pittsburgh Regional History Center - This building, in the ******** District of Pittsburgh, was once site of the Chautauqua Lake Ice Co, which exploded due to fire on February 9, 1898. The building has since been renovated and now houses the John Heinz History Center. Several staff members, including night security guards, have witnessed strange sights and sounds there. Most activity seems to center around the 5th floor (used as storage/archives) and the loading dock area. Spirits have been known to occupy and interact with the exhibits there. The History Center is open to the public 7 days a week from 10AM to 5PM (holidays excluded).


Pittsburgh - Mercy Hospital - A ghost of a caring nun haunts the 6th floor of the old building.(use to be Devine Mercy Hospital) the 6th floor was the OB department until the late 60s when it closed. Her name is believed to be Sister Mary Loretta. She is always looking out for staff and others. And she has been said to have been many times my patients at night who tell other staff members that a nun was in there room and brought them a blanket or a water pitcher. There are no nuns at mercy providence who care for patients anymore.


Pittsburgh - Our Lady of the Sacred Heart High School - A nun that lived in the convent there many years ago had died and her ghost is said to walk the hall of the third floor of the main school building after school hours. Most of the people who have claimed to see her are ones who stay after for extracurricular activities. She has no face so she is known as the faceless nun. When she is seen, she is walking down the hall with her head bowed down and her hands folded as if she is praying. Every year, incoming freshmen within their first two weeks of classes are told the story of the faceless nun. Some don't believe it, yet a lot of students, past and present, as well as teachers, have claimed to see her.


Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Job Corps Center/Leech Farm Tuberculosis Hospital

Tuberculosis Hospital and Sanitarium - formerly known as the Pittsburgh City Tuberculosis Sanatorium, 1915. The State got it in 1957. In 1974, It became a State Mental Hospital under the Department of Public Welfare and closed in 1982. While it was a TB hospital and sanitarium, over 2,000 deaths have been reported in numerous obituaries, the dept of public welfare closed the hospital because of out-dated medical practices where many died during operations. There were also reports of severe abuse to patients and multiple suicides.


ALPHA-OMEGA WING - small child with a red ball in a standard hospital gown "asks for her mother" if you did not respond she would bounce the ball against your door for several nights. mist in the showers, you could usually hear water being turned on and off slightly numerous whispers crying screaming and sadistic laughing.


LEECH FAMILY FARM HOUSE - Outside, courtyards, walkways, and recreational areas - Reports of shadow like figures that seem to vanish or walk straight through walls and the ghosts of several former patients.


LEECH FAMILY FARM HOUSE - Also known as the home of the former head of administration of the Pittsburgh Sanitarium - Reports of seeing the HOA on his front porch and in the window, the windows however have since been boarded. And violent flashing lights from the seams of the open wood panels. The former HOA's family got TB and died, and he died of influenza shortly after.


THIRD FLOOR - A man standing in the window with his hands against the window also shadows moving rapidly from window to window (like they are going through the walls). There is a story of a man jumping from the roof's smoke stack, and a figure in the bathroom of the third floor with black bumps on the visible portions of his body (black bumps are a visual sign of tuberculosis)

Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Playhouse – The Pittsburgh Playhouse has been many things over the years; the Rockwell Theater was a church. A restaurant was once in the basement, it is now used for storage. A bar is in the lobby, but doesn't serve drinks anymore. Behind the bar is a door that leads to a series of catacombs. The dressing rooms were once row houses. And the Theater Upstairs is believed to have once been a brothel.  The first story I will tell involves a prominent Pittsburgh actor, by the name of John Johns. He was an actor at the Playhouse between 1950 and 1960. One night he was at a banquet in the restaurant. During the banquet, he collapsed on the floor, suffering a heart attack. While waiting for an ambulance, a group of men carried him to dressing room number seven. Just as they were entering the threshold, John Johns died. Now, people have heard footsteps climbing the stairs to number seven, never entering, and never going back down the stairs.

Some students were backstage in the Hamlet Street Theater, and saw a man in an old fashioned tuxedo checking the sets and props. When the students gave their director a description of the man, it fitted John Johns'. One evening after a performance, the wife of a manager saw a man sitting by himself in the theater. She tried to talk to him, but he didn't respond. Later, she identified him as John Johns, when she saw a picture of him in the archives.

This story also involves a Hamlet Street Theater performer. Here is her tragic tail. Many years ago, an actress was married in the church, and had her reception in the bar in the lobby. During the reception she found out her husband was having an affair with one of the girls from the brothel. The wife was not to happy about this, so she shot her husband, went upstairs to shoot his lover then climbed the stairs to the balcony of the Hamlet St. Theater, and plunged to her death. The wife, who has been named The Lady in White, has been seen walking across the balcony, with her gun still in hand.

Years later a technical director was in the Theater Upstairs fixing the lighting on the stage. While he worked he turned his head and saw a woman dressed in white with her back towards him. As he looked at her, she turned around and aimed a gun at him. He ran out of there and quit his job.

One day a student went into an empty Hamlet Street Theater to take a break from rehearsal. He sat down then looked at the stage. He saw a man dressed in black, dancing with a woman dressed in white. After a few seconds the image vanished. Some now say John Johns has found a friend in the afterlife.

This is an even more tragic tail. This is Weeping Eleanor's story. Years ago, when the dressing rooms were row houses, a fire spread through the houses. Everyone survived except for Eleanor and her daughter. It is said that when it is late at night, someone can be heard crying in one of the dressing rooms, when the door is opened, no one is inside.

Now up, Gorgeous George. First of all, George isn't gorgeous at all. He is a green man with a decaying face. He taps on the window of the costume shop, scarring everyone inside.

The Bouncing Red Meanie (Bouncing Loony). On Halloween Night 1974, five students stayed in the building late. Their job was to lock up the building, and turn off all the lights, which they did. Then they went onto the stage of the Rockwell and held a séance. They sat so that four of them faced backstage, and one faced the seats. After ten minutes, the four facing backstage saw a man appear. He was dressed all in red, had a worried expression on his face, and was pacing. He went back and fourth, picking up speed as he went, until he lifted off the ground, and bounced off the walls and ceiling. Then every phone in the building rang. The one person facing the seats had a look of terror on her face. The other four turned around slowly, and saw that every seat in the theater was filled with people in turn-of-the-century clothes. The five students ran out of the Playhouse, and individually gave matching descriptions of the events.


Pittsburgh - Sarah Heinz House Boys and Girls Club –There are two ghosts that are said to haunt this place. One of which is Sarah Heinz who is what this building is named after, staff members said to have heard footsteps and saw flickering lights...and every so often they would hear very fait voices during the night. The other ghost is f a boy who died while playing basket ball in the gym, he was up on the balcony above the gym and was looking over into the gym and he accidentally fell, members and staff claimed to still hear a basketball bouncing even though there is nobody in the gym.


Pittsburgh - University Pittsburgh 201 Bruce Hall - A dorm on the University Pittsburgh Campus is also supposed to be haunted. - November 2003 update: the story on the sight said that room 201 was haunted. It was actually found that the 12th floor of Bruce hall was haunted. It was the former sight of the schenley hotel. And story has it that the wife and mistress of the owner committed suicide on the 12th floor. The 12th floor is no longer used for housing purposes and is simply office space. Odd happenings have been reported. At times the elevator in Bruce Hall will take you to the 12th floor no matter what floor # you press. Sometimes it wont let you go back down for a few minutes.


Plum - Hanky Church Road - There is a cemetery on Hanky Church Road that is haunted. Visitors of this cemetery have reported dozens of strange events. Feelings of weightlessness, numbness, possessions, headstones and trees that glow, and cloud-like apparitions are just a few. There is also a gravestone shaped like a tree trunk that is believed to be the center of activity.


Portvue - McKeesport - Spotlight lounge - Many spirits haunt the spotlight lounge in Portvue. There are so many spirits and unusual things that happen. There are a lot of mirrors behind the bar and up on a stage. There are many spirits that can be seen if you look into the mirrors. It is hard to describe them they are there dancing and partying as if they were not dead. You can sit at the bar and here someone walk down the steps open the door walk towards the bathrooms but no one entered. Many ghosts haunt this place, most of the ones who frequented the place when they where alive.


Saxonburg - Clinton Elementary - Some people who have gone to Clinton claim of seeing weird ghostly white figures, moans, and groans throughout the building. Now it is closed & another guy owns it to keep extra food for his restaurant and he claims to have seen weird figures of a girl and boy inside the 3rd grade classroom hugging.


Swissvale - LG Graphics: - A ghost of a man frequents this place, unsure as to his identity and why he's there, but he's known to open and close doors. The sound of footsteps in the basement from the first floor and the sound of a stack of papers falling on the second floor but when you go upstairs, nothing has been touched.

Warrendale - Brush Creek Inn - This old hotel is plagued with spirits. Bottles in the bar will unexpectedly shatter or hurl across the room. Beds upstairs will flip over with nobody in the room and windows open and close by themselves.

Warrendale - Northgate Drive - This once main road is haunted by a phantom muscle car that cracked up drag racing here.

White Oak - Coulterville Road - At the bottom of Coulterville Road, when you must make a 90-degree right turn, is where strange activity has occurred. If you turn up Eighth Street and made a left at the top of that street and continue down to the end, there is an old church and a small cemetery. You can hear footsteps and children and see figures out of your rear-view mirror.


Wilkens Township - Edgewood Gulf course - 2 boys saw three ghostly white dogs on a trail behind the golf course that disappeared. One set of tracks lead into a tree and vanished. Another lead to a ditch and the dog was nowhere to be found. And the last ones went straight and then disappeared.




Greenville - Thiel College - Roth Hall - Many people have seen a ghost haunting Roth Hall. The origin of the ghost is unknown.



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Does anyone remember old Belle Mansion built in the 1800's that used to sit on top of a hill off the main road in Buena Vista Pa. (Elizabeth Township) ??<br />
I used to go there on Ghost Hunts back in the late 70's early 80's then left for the Army only to learn that it either burned down or the Fire Department did the honors.<br />
It had 25-30 rooms and 3 levels of cellars, which the 3rd one led to the River where slaves were set free.<br />
The Mansion was 3 stories high plus an attic.<br />
Can anyone but me remember this place? <br />
I've been trying to find information on this but have had no luck.

I am a former Pittsburgh Job Corp Center student. The farm house that many has mentioned was tore down in 2010.