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Darktown - "THE ALAMO" - Reports of trolls, Hellhounds, human forms, accompanied with unexplained noises and sights.

Fawn Township - Lojack's Tunnel - If you go through the tunnel late at night, your supposed to see a little girl that was hit by a semi truck walking in the tunnel, also sometimes you will see headlights of a semi turn on behind you

Fawngove - Citizens Vol. Fire Co. - Reports of a walking trail that has scary noises, strange feelings of being watched and creatures seen.

Lewisberry -Three kids were killed in a car accident at the end of Pleasant View Rd. If you go to the stop sign and put your car in neutral the ghost will push your car backwards up the hill. If you place baby powder on the front of your car you will see their handprints. This really happens.

Winterstown - Ramier's Hollow - Weird paranormal events linked back to the Death of Ramier. The book "Hex" is based upon this legend. Creepy things happen there and most people avoid going there.

Winterstown - York county - Reymeyer's Hollow - In 1928 three men beat, Nelson Reymeyer, to death, and then tried to burn his body. They thought he had hexed one of them. They wanted to get a book from him to undo the hex. But, Nelson wouldn't give it to them.

 Wrightsville - Accomac Inn - In side the in many of worker have seen strange things such as hearing soft music and a woman’s voice late at night, after cleaning the dining room then coming back in to fid dishes, chairs and tables moved around, doors opening and closing by themselves, and objects like plates and glasses being moved around. In the late 1800's the Colye family lived in the house where the Accomac is now. It is along the Susquehanna River. Johnny Colye lived there with his Father (a Farmer, and a talented ferry navigator on the river) and his mother.  His father hired young women to assist his mother with various jobs. Johnny became quite smitten with her, and had asked her to be with him. She did not, however feel the same way about Johnny as he did for her. Enraged Johnny killed her in the Barn, about 50 yards from the house. He was arrested and hung for his crime. His gravesite is about 100 yards from the house, tombstone still marks it, and it is readable. His epitaph reads "Weep not mother, for I am not dead, but merely sleeping." In an odd twist, in the barn caught fire in the 1950's and was burnt to the ground. It was never rebuild. Exactly one year later, the original house burnt to the ground, it was re-built, exactly like the original. There is now a parking lot where the barn was, but if you walk about a 100 yards to the left of the inn, you will find the tombstone and the grave of Johnny Coyle. The girl’s name was possibly Molly) And Johnny, is quite the prankster, breaking dishes, slamming doors, ext. One of the Employees of the Accomac said that She once saw two sprits in an upstairs storage room; one of a man and woman, both seemed younger (20s).

Wrightsville - Eastern York High School - Students at the school claim to see shadowy figures and doors slamming on their own. There were also reports of seeing orbs and other strange lights. Also earlier this year a student found ectoplasm on a gym locker. There have been other stories about the school that date back to after the civil war. There have also been lots of horrible acts there from the students and teachers.

York - Lewisberry/Goldsboro - Kunkle Mansion - There is a deserted house on the outskirts of Lewisberry/Goldsboro. It cannot be seen from the road, but is off Pine Road near the old bridge. It is quite a hike through the woods to get to it. It actually isn't a mansion, but an old farmhouse. It is supposed to be the site of a large massacre and suicide, where the mother of a very large family couldn't stand being isolated with the children, while her husband was a busy farmer. She snapped and killed all her children with an ax and knife, then killed her husband, and went to the attic and hung herself. After going unnoticed by the locals, they were found. It is now vacant, where parties are held, and satanic rituals were reported. The hike through the woods is eerie, and a presence can be felt. The house is still standing, and the woman can be seen sometimes in the windows, and her sobbing can be heard. A presence was felt in the basement, and a live tree, not dead or decaying fell while someone stood nearby.

York - Newberry - Industrial Solvents and Chemical Company - Located on Stevens Rd., right next to I-83, ISCC used to be a functioning chemical recycling plant. It was closed awhile back, we're not sure exactly when. Since then local kids have trashed the inside of the place, but every time we go there strange things happen. Dusty gloves have moved without disturbing the dust. Garage doors have closed and locked with no sound. We have heard people screaming although no one was around. Once you walk into this place, you get the feeling that someone is behind you, but no one is there. The people that worked there left in a hurry because all kinds of things were left behind, from pay stubs to doctors excuses and time cards, to boxes of blank checks. Something bad happened there, and there are definitely still people there. - October 2003 update: there is some sort of construction going on at the site. Most of the buildings have been torn down.

York - Eastern High School - A student here experienced many hauntings working after school hours for theatre. In the catwalk above the auditorium you can feel a unpleasant presence pacing back and forth, noises, and the feeling of being trapped, along with noises in the side rooms off the stage. You can hear locker doors slam behind you as you walk the halls like someone is chasing you and slamming them shut.

York - Ray Meyer's Hallow - It is said that the farmhouse restored from the partially burnt structure from the 1900's is haunted. Witnesses and former residents have claimed to hear strange noises in the Hallow, and sounds and bloody handprints in the house. Current residents do not allow people on the land or in the house.

York - The Seven Gates of Hell - It is a separate private road off of Toad Road. Years ago there was a mental hospital located near Toad road. It is now a deserted building. Hundreds of mental patients are said to have escaped from there and killed in the woods surrounding it. If you travel back to Toad Road, you go through seven gates known to locals as "The Seven Gates of Hell." No one has ever been through the fifth gate. Everyone who makes it to the gates hears noises and sees weird things moving in the woods. - November 2005 Update: It was so popular among local teenagers that just recently, the old hospital and the gates were torn down. One gate stands, the first gate, which is highly visible off of Trout Run Rd. The area is private property, and there are many new no trespassing signs up. Forestry agents are reportedly tearing down trees back there to stop people from coming to experience the "freakiness".

York - Toad Road - The house on Toad road is another house where years ago a mother, father, and baby lived there in a farm house in the middle of a field and the mother killed her baby in the basement one night and then went upstairs to the living room and hung herself from the rafters and the house was vacated and left that way and is currently still standing. Some have reported seeing the noose still swinging from the ceiling and a basement light on. August 2004 update. The farmhouse in the middle of the field where the mother hung herself has been torn down by whoever owns the land. The barn behind the building, which did stand for a time after the house was torn down has also, suffered the same fate. The only structure left standing on the field is an old outhouse looking building. This is on toad road in York County. Get permission before exploring this area.

York - York College - Strange occurrences have been reported in Campbell Hall. The suites and rooms are, as well as an aggressive presence in the kitchen.

York - Abandoned York Prison/George St. - A very tall old brick building. People have said that as you reach the second floor where the first cellblock is located 2 or 3 ghosts follow you as you progress up the stairs. You can also look down at the cells and see a red glow as though from a cigarette. Many people are said to have committed suicide and have been murdered in this prison.

York - Camp Security - This was a prison camp during the Revolutionary war, here British soldiers were kept.  There is a trail that goes back into the woods, when walking back there you get an eerie feeling.  Accounts have said that ghost have been spotted along this trail at night.  Walking through this place you can still find bullet shells lying around.  Part of the old camp is private property now; the other part is a regular recreational park.


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