Legends of Lost Treasures Pennsylvania (S Thru Z)


Somerset county, Pennsylvania: John Crouch lived about 4 miles NE of Hillsboro and was known by his neighbors as a miser in 1890. He and his family were murdered for the money that the outlaws believed was hidden in the house, but none was found. Speculation at the time placed his accumulated hoard at $350,000 in gold coins.


Somerset county, Pennsylvania: General Braddock’s paymaster reportedly buried an army payroll of gold coins, then valued at $20,000, on Laurel Ridge near Jennerstown. The cache was made during a battle with French and Indians and those who were involved in the burial were killed and the location of the gold lost. It has never been recovered.


Somerset county, Pennsylvania: During the winter in the late 1700’s, General George Washington was traveling through Laurel Ridge and had to abandon nearly all of his military equipment. The cache has never been found.


Somerset county, Pennsylvania: 1. During the Civil War, several chests of gold and silver were hidden in one of the many caves in the area of Laurel Ridge. The treasure has never been reported found. It is reported that several caches of guns and Civil War gear was secreted in the area of Laurel Ridge as well.


Somerset county, Pennsylvania: A cave along the path near “the Needle’s Eye” in Laurel Ridge was used by robbers who had waylaid a peddler and robbed him of several thousand dollars. The loot was supposedly hidden somewhere in or near the cave and never recovered.


Tioga county, Pennsylvania: It is reported that the Patriots had a secret cannon factory on Gore’s Mountain near Tioga during the Revolution. When the war was over, they sealed off the cave-foundry entrance, leaving behind several hundred complete cannons worth a fortune. The site has never been relocated.


Tioga county, Pennsylvania: One skeptical source claims that during the Revolution, a band of Tory raiders buried several chests of plundered treasure on the McMillan farm, 2 miles E of Blossburg near the Tioga River.


Venango county, Pennsylvania: In 1928, an airmail plane crashed in the vicinity of Bear Hollow near Polk. A part of the mail cargo included a shipment of about 1,100 diamonds in half a dozen bags destined for Midwestern jewelers. Postal officials recovered a total of 725 gems worth an estimated $100,000 at the time, leaving about 400 diamonds unfound at the crash site, including one 9 carat stone worth $18,500 in 1928.


Venango county, Pennsylvania: Fort McNault located at Franklin, built by the French in 1754. 14. It was believed for many years that the early French buried a large amount of coins near their old Fort McNault in Franklin.


York county, Pennsylvania: There is a story circulating that a military payroll remains buried in the S portion of York county, possibly in the Delta area near the Susquehanna River, but further information on the cache is not available.


Warren county, Pennsylvania: An Indian village stood just to the E of Irvine until it was destroyed during the Revolutionary War in 1779. 13. According to Science Magazine, Volume V of 1885, pure silver was found in the Indian burial grounds near Irvine. 14. The cave from which this silver supposedly came is believed located somewhere in the Allegheny National Forest.


Warren county, Pennsylvania: In 1977, hikers found part of a silver bar weighing 2 pounds in a rock crevice somewhere in the hills near Sheffield. It is believed that the piece was a part of a much larger cache somewhere in the area.


Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania: Diaries of 2 eyewitnesses tell that quantities of supplies and ammunition for an army of 1,400 men was buried by troops under George Washington in 1775.


Wyoming county, Pennsylvania: Years ago, an old shoemaker lived on the outskirts of Nicholson in the Endless Mountains. He often told stories of hidden coins and buried treasure to his neighbors, one in particular he repeated often that contained “many silver and copper coins” located in a cave or cavern near his old house.


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I've been panning creeks & streams for gold since I was 8 yrs old. I found arrow heads but never any gold or silver. I'm 45 yrs old now and I wish someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong

Whoops, you have the wrong county for the Crouch treasure. Though there is a Hillsboro in Somerset Co. The Hillsboro in the story is in Allegheny Co. Do a little digging through the archives of Pittsburgh papers (the story is true) and you can find stories of his murder, trial of the accused, and the botched execution of said person. They had to hang him twice.

Hello to everyone.I'm from Atlantic City,NJ.I've had treasure fever my whole life.So now I'm going to do something about.I have purchased some high tech Pulse Induction units for going real deep.I already tested them and they do go real DEEP!I am done testing and am now ready to go looking.I have real good state of the art detectors.I bought the detectors from Bulgaria.If any one here in this forum thinks they are 99% sure they know the location of large caches of gold or silver coins but don't have the equipment to find the loot,let me know.We'll use my equipment and split 50-50 anything we find.Fair enough?Let me know,my name is Frank

(Venango county, Pennsylvania: Fort McNault located at Franklin, built by the French in 1754. 14. It was believed for many years that the early French buried a large amount of coins near their old Fort McNault in Franklin.)<br />
<br />
The true name of the old fort is Fort Machault.

UGH!! They found my lost gold ingots down in Dent's Run!!! I am so depressed! 1.5 million dollars of gold has been lost since the civil war...how is that for luck...and equip ment ( I would have to re-mortgage my house)...But....and its a big BUT...DCNR has told treasure seekers...aka finders keepers...stay out!! That gold is as good as gone to Uncle Sam...I took a ride down to the area...I dont live far from it...it is heavily survellianced...guarded I'm sure...Traffic is horrible! They would probably shoot you on site...

Hi everyone. New on here and seem a bit lost. Anyway I am looking for Braddock's lost payroll. I wanted to start with something close, so this works for me. If anyone has any info I would appreciate it . Thanks.

Hello Eray: I, too, am new here and have been looking for the same. After a long google search, I think I have a location spotted that needs exploring. But, I don't like to go alone, mainly it's boring and can be dangerous. Looking for new friends with same interests and am not your run-of-the-mill old guy...am pretty young acting. If interested send me a note.

Hey, im a newbie but im interested

around the 1930's 2 kids found a cave in utica.pa along french creek and brought home 2 gold coins to their parents to this day are believed to be from the french payroll that was buried before they were captured.when the kids couldn't find the cave again the town folk burned all the woods down in that area with no luck of finding the cave with the rest of the gold or did they?.if you want to treasure hunt do it in early spring before the copperheads & rattlers awake this area is poluted.some of these hills go almost straight up also.alot to be covered & alot can be missed.I don't think anyone has ever used a metal detector while seaching and that may be a plus if the cave got covered with lose dirt when they burned way back then.the last treasure hunter that i know of was back in the sixtys.I been planning for the last 20 years to hunt myself but haven't.I do believe the cave and gold is still there just waiting for the right lucky person to find it.100lb at todays value at $1300 a oz I could retire maybe

rothco, I believe those kids were on French Creek Road that runs along Deer Creek, however it would be worth a good look. Have you done any research about the exact area? If you're still interested drop me a note.

I see a lot of old messages about these so called lost treasures on this site, but what i dont see is anybody trying to get a small group together to go look for this lost treasure. I have my sites on a lost gold loot est. worth of 1.5 mil. I PLAN TO GIVE IT A LOOK EARLY MARCH 2011 WITH OR WITHOUT HELP. North central Pa.

if u are referring to the lost borie gold, i believe i have found its location. If interested let me know.

i live in a old 1800's house it was made into a duplex several years ago but just last year had a leak in the apt and dug up the bathroom floor and found a hand laid stone well !! now im thinking i should continue to explore the house for treasures underneath !

It would be fun to find even just one or two coins that were misplaced in an old basement. I have read in several different books about places in old homes that were used as the family safe deposit box. Banks were not the thing and you felt safer having it at home. One place that I found really intersting was called the dummy stair. It was either the third or fourth step on the main stairway that had a place built into it for holding those family heirlooms and important papers. Normally it was held shut with a pretend nail or something like that. So the next time you are exploring an old house, tap on the third or fourth stair and see if it sounds different than the rest.

I'm game for finding buried mason jars full of silver/gold coins. Just finding 2 or 3 would be worth the effort.

Yeah, such a shame. So much history lost without even realizing until it's gone.

Sounds like fun! I used to love to read stories of old haunted houses and towns. It's interesting to see how quickly they have disappeared.

You guys are going to love my next section, it is going to be a semi complete list of ghost towns of PA. I was surprised at how many there were. It also includes old forts and indian villages.

I found a confederate bill once in my backyard. It was in an old can. Hmmmm I could poke around and see if there is any stories of buried whatever. If I find info I'll bet I can find a relative of a relative of a friend of mine that can help get digging permission.<br />
You might think I'm kidding, but I have an ex sis in law who is related to half the town and is friends with the other half!

hmmmmmm well let me do some lookin, I am sure something got buried there.

Texas is useless. The ground is either too hard or mud. I mean mud to your waist...ugh, besides, it's all dug up for oil and crops. Not to mention cow doody.

I can't wait to find out what treasures other states have hidden away.<br />
<br />
I just need to find out what state to work on next.

OOOO-OOOOO I can do research. I like libraries....<br />
NO! Frenchy you have to share!

Hey just let me know which treasure to mark off the list and I will be happy with that.

Now I have thought about what I would need if I really wanted to do this correctly.<br />
<br />
Ground Penetrating radar (to cover larger areas and pinpoint large metal deposits.)<br />
<br />
Whites metal detectors. (I had one once but sold it to fix my car, I was sad)<br />
<br />
A good source of old and new maps<br />
<br />
Computer with GPS system built in. that can be tied into old contour maps of the area.<br />
<br />
Good climbing gear<br />
<br />
People that are good on doing door to door research and also libraries.<br />
<br />
(this is just for those hunts on the ground I have a whole other list for the ones that are lost up in Lake Erie)

Since your the boss, you get right on that.......I got the shovel :)

lol, you guys are something. I am sure there is more out there enough for everybody. Maybe we can get <br />
EP to sponser a treasure hunt.

Have to bring your own shovel........

I've got a shovel.......

I know, I figure get a good group of people together, find someone who has a lot of money to invest in us and then go find all this treasure. YEAH US.

I think we need to go treasure hunting in Pennsylvania......